India's Decade of Reforms (HC edition)

If comfortable, please share this post with others. Yourself, avoid buying the book during the promo period. The book is one year old (Of course, this is the recently released hardcover edition). The books sold at 15% discount won't fetch any royalty. 

M G Warrier

Message from Notion Press, Chennai:

Subject: Woohoo! Your promotions have started

Hi M G Warrier,

The promotions for your book India's Decade of Reforms (HC) has started and here are the details:

Promo dates: 2019-02-25 to 2019-03-09.

The discount percentage you have set is 15.00% during the promotional period.

Please Note: You will not receive a royalty for the books sold during this period.

Happy promoting!

Thank you
Notion Press 


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