Book on my table: The Third Pillar By Raghuram G Rajan

Subject: Book on my table: The Third Pillar
By Raghuram G Rajan 

Amartya Sen has described Raghuram G Rajan"s latest book "The Third Pillar" as "A strikingly insightful analysis of the penalties of neglecting the critically important role of community"
I'm yet to read the book. Have glanced through. The book gives a professional elucidation and validation of the concluding observations in my book "India's Decade of Reforms" where I mentioned that
"...I am convinced that unless the people, who do not directly participate in the affairs of legislatures, executive and the judiciary, those in the media and those who are part of these three wings, but are silent spectators to the goings on, due to various compulsions, come together to oppose corrupt practices across government and public and private sector organizations, the present situation will get perpetuated."
Day before yesterday Business Standard published excerpts from The Third Pillar.
Coming days, we can expect more reviews/debates in the Indian media. I foresee a fast transformation of Dr Rajan from Economist/Central Banker to a player in national (India) and international governance. The changeover started in January 2016.
M G Warrier


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