A visit to Tharavaadu after a long gap: Nostalgia

 Life in Kerala’s cosy ancestral homes- The New Indian Express

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M G Warrier
C V Subbaraman, Mysuru comments:

"Very nostalgic. Unfortunately, tharavaadu mansions are disappearing, giving way to multi-storeyed  residential places or business complexes. There was a thrill in going about the vast backyards where we can collect fallen mangoes in season, caress a cow or calf, or look with awe the passing krait......And come into the house, there will be tasty puzhungalari kanji (no coffee or tea!) or sometimes Vellachhoru with Kanni Mango pickles.  Then there will be occasions taking bath in privately made tanks or a rivulet or river nearby...........

Subbaraman "


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