Warrier's Collage August 12, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday August 12, 2021 1) Kelikottu https://youtu.be/qR9expt3Agw 2) Saturn Worship : https://youtu.be/1daMCqUCRIw (A Temple in Germany dedicated to Saturn worship) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Select Responses 1) Sitendrakumar Ex-RBI A letter to Babusenan* Dear Shri Babusenan, An excellent one act play,(Was included in Collage in three parts, last week-Warrier) marvellous encompassing history, scientific facts, personal life and beliefs of Einstein in a lucid manner. You have, in the process disclosed several startling facts about the consensus amongst the top Jew scientists on making an atomic bomb. Einstein's foibles have been explained in an interesting manner. (Continued at H1) *Received via Group mail 2) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram The write-up on Kerala Tourism is quite interesting. I have read somewhere that Santosh Kulangara of Sanchaaram T V channel is on the advisory board on Kerala Tourism. We may legitimately hope some tangible results. 2) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai Dear Shri Subbaraman I am pleased to inform that I have passed the exam conducted by Ministry of Corporate Affairs with an A plus grade after 20 years of retirement. This is not for blowing one's own trumpet but to suggest that it is possible irrespective of chronological age. Yes, now I can bravely give you company to fail in matriculation exam. (It all depends on need and aptitude. I completed a three years LL B Course attending evening classes regularly at Government Law College, Thiruvanantapuram during 1979-82. Except for the practical (Moot Court) I didn't appear for any of the exams. My purpose was to learn and not getting a degree-Warrier) 3) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai I fully endorse what Shri Subbaraman says. Just to assess myself I have tried various Question Papers of 8, 9 and 10th standards and have made sincere attempts. We think very fast and arrive at the correct answers too. Problem lies in presentation. I cannot even write 10 lines while the child is able to write two pages. I wholeheartedly accept my failure. B Readers' Contributions 1) K S Iyer Mumbai Ancient Gurukulas in India The first school in England opened in Year'1811. At that time India had 7,32,000 Gurukuls... Find out how our Gurukuls in India got closed. How did Gurukul learning end.... First will tell you what disciplines were taught in Gurukul culture (in the "Sanatan" culture) ! (Continued at H2) 2) M G Warrier's published articles https://www.moneylife.in/author/mg-warrier.html Excerpts : "We should better use this opportunity to go deeper into the legacy of the RBI, which has made its top management vulnerable to public criticism. It is time we had a re-look at our own casual approach to employment at top level, especially in organisations like RBI." C Enjoy Drinks 1) Traditional Local Drinks https://www.thebetterindia.com/136997/traditional-summer-drinks-india/amp/ Excerpts : "Made from seasonal fruits, herbs and spices, traditional coolers are the perfect way to beat the heat on sizzling summer days. Every region in India has its own versions, each perfected by years of experience and passing time. Moreover, each of them has a story of its own, a tale of centuries-old culture and cherished memories So here are 18 delicious street drinks that define Indian summer." 2) Recipes for Drinks https://www.spiceupthecurry.com/category/beverages/ (Open this link only if you want to get lost in recipes-Warrier) D Book Review Elizabeth Gilbert : Eat, Pray, Love! https://amp.theguardian.com/books/2010/sep/25/elizabeth-gilbert-rachel-cusk-rereading Excerpts : "The book's actual title, Eat, Pray, Love, is sincere, almost reverential: the function of the joke is to fumigate that sincerity regularly to allay any suspicion that the author is taking herself too seriously in her use of it. Not to mention the reader – for the words eat, pray and love might in themselves be an invocation of the lost or prohibited pleasures of femininity: hedonism, devotion, sensuality. Without quite knowing why, 21st-century woman finds this a powerful trinity to behold on the cover of a book. These monosyllables govern one another by means of an order both consolatory and somewhat foreign to modern female experience: eating first, loving last, and praying – an activity unpoliticised by the female psyche and one she might vaguely associate with being cared for, separating the two like a referee a pair of boxers in the ring. The three words correspond to the book's three sections. These in turn refer to a highly schematised year of Gilbert's life, in which she lived consecutively in three different countries – Italy, India and Indonesia – to fulfil that title more or less on demand. In Italy she eats, in India she lives in an ashram, in Indonesia she finds physical passion, and nowhere is it suggested that fate was anything other than malleable to this plan, that Eat, Pray, Love might for instance have turned out to be a book about Catholicism, the Kama Sutra, and Balinese cookery." E Collage in Classroom Middle Level Managers' Challenges https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/nther-one-from-the-stable/the-woes-of-mid-level-managers-36056/ "Then there is a large population among the middle managers who do not step up when asked to due to the lack of confidence. The few that reluctantly accept the larger role, soon end up hitting a dead end. Again, in most of my observations, it’s the lack of training and coaching that has been the main cause of worry. A classic example that I’d love to share is when I was addressing a large audience at a corporate event. There were easily more than five hundred of them, mainly from mid-management. I asked if any of them had recently purchased a new smartphone or a smartwatch, or anything similar. I had a lot of hands go up in the air. Then I asked them if any of them in the recent past had purchased a new bike or purchased something that made them happy. Again, I had a lot of hands go up. To conclude, I asked them how many of them in the recent past had invested in a training seminar, attended a course, or even purchased a book. Sadly, I had three or four people raising their hands and the rest sunk in their chairs. Probably they got the message I was trying to put across. Why wait for someone to offer you a training course. Why would you wait for HR to ask you for a development course? The biggest help that mid-level managers can ever do for themselves is investing in self–development." F Leisure Wine Jokes https://vincarta.com/blog/wine-jokes/ Like : "I was having wine with my wife when she said ‘I love you so much, you know. I don't know how I could ever live without you.’ I said, ‘Is that you or the wine talking?’ She said, ‘It's me talking to the wine." (Moral : "There are occasions when wine helps you back to your senses"-Warrier) G Quotes about Beverages https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/beverage-quotes Like : "Oh, I just want what we all want: a comfortable couch, a nice beverage, a weekend of no distractions and a book that will stop time, lift me out of my quotidian existence and alter my thinking forever." Elizabeth Gilbert (Elizabeth Gilbert is an American journalist and author. She is best known for her 2006 memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, which has sold over 12 million copies and has been translated into over 30 languages. The book was also made into a film of the same name in 2010. ) H 1) Continued from A1 A quote in your play is worth remembering which is as follows---- 'The final conclusion is that we know very little, and yet it is astonishing that we know so much, and still more astonishing that so little knowledge can give us so much power.' Similar thoughts have been expressed in the opinion that lot of policy making was groping in the dark in Policymaker's' Journal by Kaushik Basu, which I am reading------Nobody should worry too much about making the right decisions, since we have so little clue about what the right decisions are. When the economy does well you say it's consequence of our policy initiatives and when it does poorly you point to how this is the fall out of what is happening elsewhere in the world. Not exactly the same as in your one act play, it does point out to the significance of groping in the dark. A very very interesting play, deserves an award. Kindly publish it in a major daily (Sunday edition) or in a magazine. Thanks, Regards, Sitendra Kumar 2) Continued from B1 Most Gurukuls taught the following subjects : 01) Agni Vidya (Metallurgy) 02) Vayu Vidya (Wind) 03) Jal Vidya (Water) 04) Antriksh Vidya (Space Science) 05) Prithvi Vidya (Environment) 06) Surya Vidya (Solar Study) 07) Chandra and Lok Vidya (Lunar Study) 08) Megh Vidya (Weather Forecast) 09) Dhaatu Urja Vidya (Battery energy) 10) Din aur Raat Vidya. 12) Srishti Vidya (Space Research) 13) Khagol Vigyan (Astronomy) 14) Bhugol Vidya (Geography) 15) Kaal Vidya (Time studies) 16) Bhoogarbh Vidya (Geology & Mining) 17) Gemstones and Metals (Gems & Metals) 18) Aakarshan Vidya (Gravity) 19) Prakash Vidya (Energy) 20) Sanchaar Vidya (Communication) 21) Vimaan Vidya (Plane) 22) Jalayan Vidya (Water Vessels) 23) Agneya Astra Vidya (Arms & Ammunition) 24) Jeeva Vigyaan Vidya (Biology, Zoology, Botany) 25) Yagna Vidya (Material Sic) This is the talk of scientific education. Now let's talk about professional and technical disciplines that were covered : 26) Vyapaar Vidya (Commerce) 27) Krishi Vidya (Agriculture) 28) Pashu Paalan Vidya (Animal Husbandry) 29) Pakshi Paalan (Bird Keeping) 30) Yaan Vidya (Mechanics) 32) Vehicle Designing 33) Ratankar (Gems & Jewellery Designing) 36) Kumhaar vidya (Pottery) 37) Laghu (Metallurgy & Blacksmith) 38) Takkas 39) Rang Vidya (Dyeing) 40) Khatwakar 41) Rajjukar (Logistics) 42) Vaastukaar Vidya (Architecture) 43) Khaana Banane ki Vidya (Cooking) 44) Vaahan Vidya (Driving) 45) Waterways Management 46) Indicators (Data Entry) 47) Gaushala Manager (Animal Husbandry) 48 Baag vaani (Horticulture) 49) Vann Vidya (Forestry) 50) Sahyogee (Covering Paramedics) All this education was taught in Gurukul, but with time, when Gurukul disappeared, this knowledge was made to disappear by the Britishers ! It started with Macaulay. Today, the future of the youth of our country is being destroyed by the Macaulay method. How did Gurukul culture end in India ....? The introduction of Convent education ruined Gurukuls. Indian Education Act was passed in 1835 (revised in 1858). It was drafted by 'Lord Macaulay'. Macaulay conducted a survey of education system here while many Britishers had given their reports about India's education system. One of the British officers was G W Luther and the other was Thomas Munro! Both of them had surveyed different areas at different times. Luther, who surveyed North India (Uttar Bhaarat), wrote that there was 97 % literacy here and Munro, who surveyed South India (Dakshin Bhaarat), wrote that here there was 100% literacy. Macaulay had clearly said that if India (Bhaarat) is to be enslaved forever, its 'indigenous and cultural education system' must be completely demolished and replaced with 'English education system' and only then will Indians be physically Indians, but mentally become English. When they leave the Convent schools or English Universities, they will work in the interest of British. Macaulay is using an idiom - 'Just as a farm is thoroughly ploughed before a crop is planted, so must it be ploughed and brought in the English education system.′ That's why he first declared Gurukuls as illegal. Then he declared Sanskrit illegal and set the Gurukuls on fire, beat the teachers in it and put them in jail. Till Year 1850 there were @ 7 lakh 32 thousand Gurukuls & 7,50,000 villages in India. That means almost every village had a Gurukul and all these Gurukuls used to be 'Higher Learning Institutes' in today's language. 18 subjects were taught in all of them and these people of Gurukul Samaj used to run these together, not by the King. Education was imparted free. Gurukuls were abolished and English education was legalized and the first Convent school opened in Calcutta. That time it was called 'free school'. Under this law, Calcutta University, Bombay University & Madras University were created. These three slavery-era universities are still in the country ! Macaulay had written a letter to his father. It is a very famous letter, in it he writes: 'These convent schools will bring out children who will look like Indians but are English by brain and they don't know anything about their country. They won't know anything about their culture, they won't have any idea about their traditions, they will not know their idioms, when such children are there in this country, even if the British go away, English will not leave this country. The truth of the letter written at that time is clearly visible in our country even today .. See the misery created by this act. We feel inferior of ourselves who are ashamed to speak our own language, mother tongue & recognise our own culture. A society that is cut off from its mother tongue never flourishes and this was Macaulay's strategy! Today's youth here knows more about Europe than India and considers Indian culture not so cool, but imitates Western countries ... !? What a pity.... It's high time we all awaken & reclaim our great culture & heritage.


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