Warrier's Collage August 5, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday August 5, 2021 Divine Life Society https://youtu.be/cdMDLqbXbX8 (Active in South Africa) Seven Myths about Happiness https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotional-fitness/202108/7-myths-about-happiness ( Source : Psychology Today) Good Morning Yesterday, spoke to Shri K Madhavan Nair, Thiruvanantapuram. Interesting interaction. He said, despite his busy schedule, organising and taking online classes, sometimes starting from 5 a m he finds time to glance through Collage. Nair speaks with the same enthusiasm, wit and wisdom of 1960's. Nice Day M G Warrier A Select Response Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Genius I was much delighted to observe and enjoy the One act play by Shri Babusenan via today's Collage. That was totally amusing and thoughtful. But that is the way the mind of the genius works. The intelligent thrive in different settings in a way of their own regardless of the complications or restrictions. They understand what they don't know and never overestimate their cognitive abilities. Their insatiable curiosity and openmindedness play a major role. Here are a few examples of such queer behaviours. (Continued at H1) B Poetry https://madrascourier.com/art-and-poetry/the-oozing-of-being/ The Oozing of Being : Tabish Nawaz* The tiny leaves of Gulmohar murmur like words in a verse, revealing the inner core, hidden from the everyday sun. The droplets pirouette, the sunlight piercing into them blazing in each a sky like dreams caught within the eyes illuminating, melting. A canopy of clouds covers the day as one would protect the harvest of desires from one’s own doing. All are too broken, carrying the weight of the ocean, frozen within a mere pleasantry floats unspoken settles to quiescence stirring one stillness to another stillness. (*Tabish teaches Environmental Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. He has recently published his first short story collection Opening Clouds, Fermented Rain (Hawakal). His poems, essays and short stories have been published in The Critical Flame, Shimmer Spring Anthology, Ethos Literary Journal, The Punch Magazine, The Conversation, Indian Review, The Bangalore Review, Flash Fiction Magazine among other venues. ) C Collage Pick Decluttering https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/here-and-there/decluttering-and-happiness-35837/ "Removing clutter is also a concept borrowed from Zen to bring about clarity of thoughts. It’s all about making room for more of what matters. The clutter obscures what is important. Once you realise what you no longer need, let go of it. Keep the things that you truly love and use. And in return, there is sheer joy and happiness." Posted online comments : ' an excellent concept well-articulated. most of us give last priority for decluttering. the concept, as explained, applies to physical space and our own mind where we allow all unwanted thoughts and memories to loiter around. let\'s make a beginning at decluttering without wasting time. thanks for sharing the thoughts in this impressive presentation.' D Readers'Contributions 1) Fate of a Family Tree : Vathsala Jayaraman About 10 years back every one was talking about family Tree. There are three brothers, one sister and14 grandchildren in our family. We took all the details, collected old worn out photographs of elders from the albums, gave a new life to photos ( Thanks to Konica) and prepared a very nice Family tree, in the form of diagrammatic representation and in the form of photo album. Every one above 60 appreciated our efforts and were reminded of so many anecdotes relating to elders. Our joy didn't last long. Within a few days, only the designers cared to preserve the same, and not the youngsters for whom it was intended for. The most cherishable Family Tree has reached unknown destination, the photo albums specifically made, have taken their abode in their lofts, not to be opened in the future. The computerised version too has been misfiled, not traceable. The original photos from the lofts of our house have been shifted to another loft with a fresh configuration. Nowadays family consists of self, spouse and children only. Parents, brothers and sisters form members of the extended family. Not to talk of uncles, aunts and cousins. The names of ancestors of three generations are required only during customary wedding ceremonies and during inauspicious occasions. Somebody would help on such occasions or the Priest conducting the ceremony himself would name the grandfather and great grand father depending on the name of the Karta, and save one from embarrassment. It is a misconception that The Family Tree can revive the expected family bond. It is an unrealisable dream. Our parents never drew a Family Tree. What we were able to maintain without a Family Tree, the future generations may not be able to do even with the Family Tree. At the most, it may interest them for a few days or months. Children of single sons/daughters marrying those without siblings (which is the trend of the day)will neither have uncles or aunts or cousins. The big Family Tree (real one) has degenerated and has been replaced by small shrubs with or without branches. How can the paper tree or the web tree help?" ****. ****. **** 2) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Absent-minded Professor Scene 2 ( The same setting four years later on an evening in early August . The only visible change is that Mrs Elsa Einstein has become another portrait on the table having died in December 1936. The same sofa is now occupied by two persons - the older one fat, avuncular and the younger slim and grim. The former is the internationally known Danish physicist Dr.Niels Bohr who looked into the structure of the atom and the latter Dr Leo Szilard, a great name in the phenomenon of nuclear chain reaction. Opposite to them sits, in a comfortable armchair, Dr Einstein. They are engaged in animated talk.) (Continued at H2) E Family Tree 1) Surya Vamsa Family Tree https://bhagavanbhakthi.com/2013/12/suryavamsha-family-tree/ Sri Suryavamsha family tree was first started by svayam Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu / Srimann Narayana. Now let us know the full family tree: Bhagavan Srimann Narayana Chaturmukha Brahma Deva Prajapati Marichi Kashyapa Brahma *** *** And after several generations, proceeded to : Prasenjita III – Contemporary of Buddha Kshudraka Kulaka Suratha Sumitra* *Sumitra was the last king of Ayodhya from Surya Vamsha. In the fourth century BC, emperor Mahapadma Nanda of the Nanda Dynasty forced Sumitra to leave Ayodhya. He went to Rahtas with his sons. His son Kurma established his rule over Rohtas. 2) Kashyap Gotra Family Tree https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/rishi-kashyapa/m-lite Kashyapa (Sanskrit कश्यप kaśyapa) was an ancient sage (rishis), who is one of the Saptarshis in the present Manvantara; with others being Atri, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja. Vamana avatar, Rishi Kashyapa's son with Aditi, in the court of King Bali. He was the father of the Devas, Asuras, Nagas and all of humanity. He married Aditi, with whom he fathered Agni, the Adityas, and most importantly Lord Vishnu took his fifth avtar as Vamana, the son of Aditi, in the seventh Manvantara. With his second wife, Diti, he begot the Daityas. Diti and Aditi were daughters of King Daksha Prajapati and sisters to Sati, Shiva's consort. Kashyapa received the earth, obtained by Parashurama's conquest of King Kartavirya Arjuna and henceforth, earth came to be known as "Kashyapi". F 1) Advocacy* !! A college student group asked a lawyer "Sir, what does 'advocacy' mean?" The lawyer replied: "I will present an example for this! Suppose two people come to me, one is very clean and the other is very dirty. I advise both of them to get clean and take bath. Now you guys tell me, who among them will take a shower ?? " (Continued at H3) *Received from A P Ramadurai Cheñnai G Quotes about Family Tree https://familyhistorydaily.com/family-history/15-genealogy-quotes-love/ Like : "The thing that interests me most about family history is the gap between the things we think we know about our families and the realities. "– Jeremy Hardy H 1) Continued from A1 Genius... 1. PYTHAGORAS HATED BEANS. Dubbed “the father of vegetarianism,” Greek mathematician Pythagoras is credited with popularizing a meatless lifestyle. But although he subsisted solely on veggies, he had no love for legumes. Pythagoras refused to eat beans, 2. BEETHOVEN KEPT A TUB OF WATER HANDY. Ludwig van Beethoven’s process was almost as dramatic as his compositions. Beethoven was fond of writing in between visits to his washstand. He’d pace around a bit, then pour water all over himself—and his floorboards. 3. DEMOSTHENES HID OUT UNDERGROUND. Demosthenes, a revered ancient Greek statesman, took the maxim “Practice makes perfect” to a whole new level. The orator rehearsed in an underground hideout for extended periods of time, according to an account by the historian Plutarch. He’d run through his speeches with stones in his mouth, and would occasionally shave half of his head to discourage himself from facing an audience before he was ready. 4. ANTHONY TROLLOPE TIMED HIS WRITING. For a man who wrote only three hours a day, Anthony Trollope was quite productive. He churned out 250 words every 15 minutes—meaning by the time he was done working each day, he had produced 3000 words. And if he finished the book he was working on before his daily time allotment was up, he wouldn’t stop writing. Instead, he’d immediately begin another book. 5. EDGAR ALLAN POE WROTE ON SCROLLS. Edgar Allan Poe often wrote on thin strips of paper, which he glued together and rolled into scrolls for easier storage. He felt the medium better contributed to a work’s flow than a regular old manuscript (and, presumably, looked spookier). 6. DA VINCI AND TESLA SHUNNED EIGHT-HOUR SLEEP SCHEDULES. Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla adhered to alternative sleep schedules. Leonardo was said to have followed the polyphasic cycle, which means he took multiple short naps every 24 hours. Meanwhile, Tesla only rested two hours a day. 7. TESLA DID TOE EXERCISES. Speaking of Tesla, the inventor had another strange habit: He’d curl his toes 100 times per foot every evening before going to bed because he thought the practice boosted his brain cells. 8. Virginia Woolf all wrote standing up. Woolf, who believed that writing was merely painting with one’s words, would often position herself at a lectern, next to her artist sister Vanessa’s easel. 9.Dr.Johnson suffered much from a state of mind “unsettled and perplexed”, and from that constitutional gloom, which, together with his extreme humility and anxiety with regard to his religious state, made him contemplate himself through too dark and unfavourable a medium' Johnson was beset with physical and mental troubles throughout his life. Scarred from birth by scrofula, big-boned and clumsy, with peculiar physical mannerisms, Johnson cut a strange and forbidding figure. He claimed he had inherited from his father ‘a vile melancholy’ which ‘made him mad all his life.Johnson's first severe bout of melancholy occurred when he was a young man. Boswell maintained there was a ‘constitutional’ element to Johnson's nervous debility and, indeed, throughout this period it was generally held that mental disorder had a physical basis ‘The “morbid melancholy”, which was lurking in his constitution […] gathered such strength in his twentieth year, as to afflict him in a dreadful manner […] in […] 1729, he felt himself overwhelmed with an horrible hypochondria, with perpetual irritation, fretfulness, and impatience; and with a dejection, gloom, and despair, which made existence misery. From this dismal malady he never afterwards was perfectly relieved . This is the case of not only Dr.Albert Einstein but of ever so many genius men and women who had their own whims and fancies and quizzical behaviour patterns that make outsiders wonder . vathsala Jayaraman 2) Continued from D2 Dr.Einstein : "I know very well, Dr Bohr, that those in the Institute consider me as a museum piece though all of them show me great respect. To them I am a Rip Van Winkle who is blissfully unaware of the passage of time. I have no complaint, but I cannot agree with your new ideology. You say that it is not possible to determine, at the same time, with equal accuracy, the momentum and location of a particle that rotates at very high speed inside an atom.I don't think it is correct-this so-called Heisenberg's 'Uncertainty Principle'. According to you, one can correctly say either one or the other only. This is absurd Dr Bohr. Please understand, probability has no place in physics. I know you people take this wrong position because the quantum theory is incomplete. I am trying hard to complete it. I hope I will succeed and then you folks can be put on the right track. Please take it from me : God does not play dice." Dr.Bohr : "I am not a believer in God and so I don't know what God thinks about it. Dr Einstein, you are dealing with the macrocosmic universe and no one can equal you in that matter. The cause -effect principle that works in the macrocosmic universe does not work in the microcosmic world of the atom. What works there is 'chance.' There what is relevant is the Heisenberg principle. However, I wish you success in perfecting the quantum theory!" Dr.Einstein : "Thank you, Dr Bohr." Dr.Bohr : "We came to tell you about a very important matter. Now, Dr Szilard will talk." Dr.Szilard : " Thank you Dr Bohr. If I may tell you, Dr Einstein, until recently, most scientists thought that your famous equation E=mc² never belonged to the practical domain. Now, it has been found possible that, by means of a chain reaction caused by splitting the nucleus of uranium, the heaviest element known to the world, with a neutron, enormous quantities of energy can be released." Dr.Einstein : "I am glad to hear that. Such energy can be used for the benefit of mankind." Dr.Szilard : (Smiles)I expected this response from you, Dr.Einstein. Do you know Dr Lise Meitner?" Dr.Einstein : "Yes, I know her very well. The cleverest scientist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin." Dr Szilard : "Exactly. That lady played a key role in it. Being an Austrian Jew, in fear of Hitler, she had to flee Berlin and take asylum in Sweden. The same fear drove Teller and me from Hungary. You too are here more or less for the same reason. Most of those, who participated in this phenomenal success of atom splitting ,happen to be Jews persecuted by Hitler. The only way to counter this horrendous evil is to direct this fierce energy of the atom against it. In other words, an atomic bomb is the answer. Kindly pardon us for thinking in this manner." Dr.Einstein : (After some quiet moments) "What do you want me to do?" Dr.Bohr : " Now, I shall speak. You know, to make a bomb, large quantities of uranium ore are needed. The bulk of uranium ore in the world is in Belgian Congo and, if that falls into the hands of Hitler, our hope will be shattered." Dr Einstein : "That means, I must tell Queen Elizabeth of Belgium that the uranium deposits in their colony should not fall into the hands of Hitler. I am not used to exploit friendship. Yet, I shall do that. Will that be enough?" Dr Bohr : "No.We want something more important.You explain,Dr.Szilard." Dr Szilard :"Dr Einstein, the phenomenon known as 'nuclear fission' was performed successfully by the combined effort of Enrico Fermi and myself. You know Fermi. In nuclear physics there is only one Fermi, the Italian, who has taken asylum in the US in fear of Mussolini. There is a problem, quite formidable indeed. Natural uranium which is uranium-238, will not yield to fission, but it's isotope, uranium-235,will. It is possible to do the conversion but it is a Herculean task needing enormous funds.In our opinion, only the US government can accomplish it." Dr Einstein : "Where do I come in the picture, gentlemen?" Dr.Bohr : "A lot of persuading is needed and the person to be persuaded is none other than the President himself. Roosevelt has very great regard for you and, in such matters, he will believe only you." (Helen Dukas, Einstein's Private Secretary -cum-Assistant, enters with tea and serves to the three some. Dr Einstein sits engrossed in thought. He does not touch his tea. After some time, he opens his eyes and addresses Helen in a very soft tone) "Helen, my child, bring your writing pad and pencil and take this dictation. The letter is to the President of the United States in his personal name.",(She obeys) Dr.Einstein : ( Clearing his throat) "Sir : Some recent work by E Fermi and L Szilard, which has been communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy..... (Curtain falls) 3) Continued from F1 One student said: "The one who is dirty will take a shower." The lawyer said: "No, but the clean person will do it, because he has the habit of bathing, while the dirty does not know the importance of cleaning Now tell me who will take a shower ?? " The second student said: "Clean person" The lawyer said: "No, but the dirty person will take a bath because he is the one who needs cleaning. Now tell who will take a shower ?? " Two students said: "The one who is dirty will take a shower." The lawyer said: "No, but both will take a bath because the clean person has a habit of bathing, while the dirty one needs a bath. Now tell me again who will take a shower ?? " Now three students speak together: "Both of them will take a shower." The lawyer said: "Wrong, no one will take a bath, because the dirty is not used to bathing, whereas clean one does not need to bath Now tell me once again who will take a shower ?? " A student politely said: 🙏🏻"Sir, you give a different answer every time and every answer seems to be correct. How do we know the correct answer ???" The lawyer said: "This is just 'advocacy'! It is not important what the reality is, The important thing is, how many possible arguments can you offer to prove your point"


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