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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday August 21, 2021 Readers' Edition I A Thiruvonam 2021 : Kerala https://youtu.be/OXm5BcxnjnI ONAM GREETINGS Good Morning Today, readers are sharing their Thoughts and Contributions in Collage. It's a Readers' Edition! Nice Day M G Warrier B World's Most Expensive* Mango from Japan https://youtu.be/9eF0bM1KGy A (Link Courtesy : J Santhanakrishnan Chennai) *"Miyazaki Mango is said to be the world's most expensive mango variety, sold for Rs. 2.70 lakhs (box of two) and cultivated under special conditions."-R Jayakumar quotes from media. C Messages 1) Dr Prabha and A P Ramadurai We wish our Collage friends and their families a very Happy ONAM with sumptuous ONAM SADHYA Also our Wishes for RAKSHA BANDHAN, a very special moment for all brothers to get RAKHI tied by their sisters and in return to promise them that they are always there to protect them Ramadurais रक्षा बंधन के इस पावन अवसर पर हार्दिक शुभकामनायें। प्रभा रामदुरै 2) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Omkara The Hindus have discovered many mystic paths for realization, but, of them all, the simplest, the most dramatic and the most miraculous is provided by 'OM' or 'AUM'. When the sound 'AU ' is called out, it soars upwards transcending all material objects or obstacles which wither away before the sound approaches them. Reasoning can take human beings only upto a limit,and if they wish to reach the ultimate, they must find out some other method and chanting of 'AUM' is one such powerful instrument.' The Avatar for the symbol 'AU' Is Lord Ganesha who is invoked at the beginning of all studies, prayers and performances. Elephant head with the trunk curled mostly towards the left, bears a strong resemblance to the Tamil letter ஓ. At his feet is his vahana, the mouse represented in the form of a circle. The superscripted ள representing the gigantic ear. This Tamil ஔ is the nearest parallel to the Sanskrit symbol, the cresent with a dot resembling the ear of the elephant. We see the concept, sound, script and image are smoothly blended into Ganesa. Let us pray Ganesha, the OMkara Swaroopa with 'AUM, AUM ' and enjoy the grand bliss. Vathsala Jayaraman 3) V R Chittanandam Cheñnai Responses to a 'Play' on Albert Einstein by Babusenan, Thiruvananthapuram. Thanks to all. Chittanandam Waiting for the remaining scenes! Muthusubramanyam Very interesting. Thanks. That is why there is a French saying : ONE MATHEMATICIAN MORE, ONE HUMAN LESS. Substitute Mathematician with Scientist. Incidentally, I am a student of Maths* !! CHAKRAVARTHY (*Me too-Warrier 🙏) A wonderful depiction of the life of Einstein. Thank you. I am eagerly awaiting the third Chapter/Scene. It is absorbing. P B Rajagopalan I thought the pictures of Isaac Newton and Gandhiji hung on Einstein's walls. When somebody called him great, AE said, 'Don't call me great. What have I done great? Call Gandhi great. He is the greatest political genius of the Century.' Sounds authentic word by word. I don't know who reduced it to writing. Very impressive indeed. K V Subrahmonyan Eagerly looking forward to the subsequent instalments. Ramamurthi Swaminathan Many thanks for sharing the play. Suspense! Till receipt of the concluding part. Hope somebody takes the initiative and makes a short documentary. Muthu Thanks. Whether Einstein's writing a letter to President Roosevelt to give ok to the Manhattan Project was right or wrong will be the subject of endless debate. But Einstein would never have intended that nuclear fission should be put to misuse. The dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not only to coerce Japan into surrender but to satisfy a point of scientific interest too. That is, as the Uranium 235 nucleus captures the slow neutrons with which it is bombarded and swells, it attains a critical mass which results in the release of Barium and Krypton and enormous amount of energy. The dropping of the bombs provided an answer to this critical mass hypothesis also. The greatest human being that ever lived. What a mind. My introduction to Einstein's work was the book "The Universe and Dr Einstein" by George Gamow. Gamow, after describing the Michaelson-Marley Experiment says"Among those who pondered over the Michaelson- Marley experiment was a young Patent Office Examiner in Berne, Switzerland, named Albert Einstein". I felt electrified. Thanks for the short play. N R Krishnan The whole play recapitulating the essential core of Einstein's life has been exceedingly well done. The Einstein-Russel Statement should be resurrected and recirculated. I shall look for it in Google. Is there a way of getting in touch with Babusenan? B S Raghavan Very interesting read this brief drama makes. Was Einstein's end like the one described here? Seshadri Alfred Einstein, the outstanding legendary scientist was a ground to earth human being very simple unassuming. What a great personality he was. His end was like a climax in a movie sinking slowly holding the hands of his Secretary. With one outstanding theory of relativity he had shadowed all other scientists of the world of all time. T V Viswanathan A rare picture of Albert Einstein, Hideki Yukawa, John Wheeler, and Homi J Bhabha (from L to R) in conversation as they walk through Marquand Park in Princeton, N.J, 1954. Each of the four physicists in this picture has played a unique role in the history of science. Albert Einstein was a German physicist who developed the special and the general theory of relativity. Besides his work on gravity, Einstein gave a theoretical explanation of the photoelectric effect, laid the foundation of the theory of lasers, worked on Brownian motion, and was one of the pioneers of the old quantum theory. Beside him is Hideki Yukawa, a Japanese particle physicist who was one of the first scientists to study the nature of the strong force. Yukawa explained what keeps the protons and neutrons together inside a nucleus despite an enormous repulsive Coulomb force. He predicted the existence of pions in 1935. The particles were discovered in 1947. Yukawa played an influential role in the early days of particle physics. To his left is John Wheeler, the American physicist who coined the term 'black holes.' He studied the Einstein Rosen bridge, coining a word which would suit it better, namely wormhole. Also, he stumbled upon another gravitational trick, singularities, which are places infinitely small but with infinitely great density. And finally, we have Homi J Bhabha, an Indian nuclear physicist who gained international prominence after deriving a correct expression for the probability of scattering positrons by electrons, a process now known as Bhabha scattering. Besides Bhabha's work on cosmic rays and electron showers, he is also known for pioneering India's atomic energy program. He was the founding director of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). Muthu image.png *See attachment D A page from History : V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Role-Reversal Bertrand Russell was made Lord Russell on the death of his elder brother. Perhaps, on that day itself, he asked his second wife :"Dora, dear, will you please open this parcel?" She replied : "I am busy. Why can't you open it yourself?" Russell said with a smile : "Please do remember that I am a Lord and so am not expected to do any manual job." Those who did manual job, including pen-pushing, were looked down upon by aristocracy in those days and obviously Russell was referring to it. Reserve Bank of India was formed in the colonial days and it was only natural that the entire staff was divided broadly into two categories : workmen and officers (by implication, those who do not work)The pen-pushers among the workmen were called by another name : 'clerks'(There was an attempt to remove the colonial vestige by changing this nomenclature to 'Administrative Assistants' in the Kerala Secretariat) When I joined the Bank in the 60s, it was Clerk Grade II and Clerk,Grade I, now grouped as Class III. But when the Bank switched over from the numerical to the alphabetical for grading the officers, the order reversed. In the biodata of many eminent musicians we find them mentioned as A grade artists in All India Radio, which means top grade. But in RBI it is just the opposite. Perhaps, it could not help it because of its DOB. I propose to narrate briefly how a close friend of mine played a practical joke in which I happened to be a happy victim. It was the early 80s. I was a Grade C Officer in the Thiruvananthapuram office of RBI where I joined as a clerk in the 60s. My friend O B C Nair was at that time a Grade A Officer having opted to remain so for fear of transfer. He feared only that and nothing else. Dark, lean and tall with a perennial innocent smile on his swarthy face, O B C Nair(not his real name) dexterously hid behind the mask of his face, quite a resourceful and intelligent brain. His laughter was peculiar. It was like that of MrAppollinax in Eliot's poem by that name "tinkling among the tea cups". There was absolutely no rank difference between us. Once the Manager deputed us to the local Sub-Registrar's office to seek some clarification relating to a housing loan document. O B C introduced himself to the Sub-Registrar's as a Grade A officer with appropriate tonal stress on the letter A. The situation amused me. I kept quiet allowing him to introduce me which he did very cleverly so as to make the Sub-Registrar ignore me. The only chair there for visitors was offered to him and the peon was kind enough to give his stool to me. Throughout the discussion the Sub-Registrar looked at him only. On getting out of the Sub-Registrar's office, Nair said, as if to himself : "The chair was rickety and uncomfortable. The stool would have been better." E Reader's Contribution Rama's Date : Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Shri Rama's period is stated to be somewhere near 5100 B. C by many scholars. The research is unending with all the researches giving various results based on the version of the poet Valmiki. Here is another date of Birth given to Shri Rama by Prof K S Raghavan, an eminent scholar of TamilNadu.According to him the date of Birth of Sri Rama is 10th Jan4439,nearly 700 years later than the one mentioned in your mail. His research is based on the following hints : 1 Dasaratha says that his death is imminent on account of the cluster of planets with his nakshatra Bharani. If Rama's horoscope is cast with date of Birth as 10th Jan 4439, Rama goes for exile on completing 25 yeras, 22 days on Sapthami, pushyam. All planetary positions are unfavouable to Bharani. Rahu's position in the 10th place of Rama's horoscope is indicative of his father's death. 2 According to Valmiki all brothers were born in the same thithi, but different Nakshatras. On 10th Jan 4439, Navami is a long thithi. Rama was born in the beginning of Navami in the last phase of Punarvasu. Bharata was born a few hours later in Pushyam. Next day before noon,still it was Navami,but the Nakshatra was aslesha on which the twins were born. 3 According to Valmiki, Rama has to return to Ayodhya only on completion of 14 years (Poorne chaturdashe varshe)--both the tropical and side real years should have been completed. Astronomically tropical year differs by two or three days. That is why Rama fears that Bharatha may end his life on Panchami thithi itself at the close of 14 tropical years, though Rama is entitled to return to Ayodhya on Sapthami only. That is why he sends Shri Hanuman to give advance intimation to Bharata of Rama' s return.All these details given in Ramayana coincide if the date of Birth is taken as 10 January 4439 4 Historically and pauranically the date of Mahabharata war has been fixed as 3067 B.C. According to all Puranas there were only 100 kings in the solar dynasty from Vaivasvata Manu( 8567)to Brihadpala, the last king who died in Mahabharata war. Rama was the 71st king.It is highly reasonable that his date falls somewhere between 4500 to 4600. Western scholars normally trace the period based on the average span of the life of the rulers. But fortunately in Indian epics we have unimpeachable astronomical data recorded by the poets who themselves were great seers with astronomical expertise. However controversies still persist between various schools. Many scholars argue that Mesha Shukla Navami can never coincide with Punarvasu Nakshatra. Because from the Mesha to the end of Punarvasu it is 93.33 degrees only, whereas Navami can ordinarily begin only at 96 degrees. (8x12) The pundits explain that in the case of rare Avatars, such rules should be carefully worked out. Such difficulties have arisen in casting the horoscope of Shri Krishna, Sankara and many others. The facts give an intersting reading, though practically it may not matter much whether Rama was born in 4439 or 700 years earlier. The fixing of date for any event that happened thousands of years back is the most difficult job involving thorough study of literature, astronomy, history other social and communal factors.We should appreciate the poets who have given accurate astronomical details without any scientific instruments and how the details are almost accurate even when calculated with modern computer aids.We must congratulate the scholars who have taken great pains to calculate and arrive at various dates. vathsala Jayaraman F M G Warrier : Author Pages* a) Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/M-G-Warrier/e/B079ZC3JKX?ref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share b) Notion Press https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier *These links are introductory. Buy books online only from outlets which you usually access. My books are available at major online outléts like Amazon.in and Flipkart. G Quotes about ONAM Festival https://wishesandquotes.com/onam-festival-best-wishes-and-quotes/amp/ Like : Let’s celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendor. and enjoy the auspicious festival of Onam Happy Onam!!! Wish you a prosperous life. May Onam lead to new beginnings in life. Happy Onam! The wonderful festival of Onam is here. May you and your family have a great time. Wishing you a Happy Onam.


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