Ganga in Indian History & Mythology Part I

Ganga in Indian History & Mythology Part I Ganga or Ganges brings different thoughts in mind depending on one's knowledge background. From decorating Shiva's head to becoming a political tool, River Ganges has been playing multiple roles from time immemorial to the present moment. Today we start a 5-part series on the sacred river : The Ganges in Sacred Texts Described in the Mahabharata as the 'best of rivers, born of all the sacred waters', the Ganges is personified as the goddess Ganga. Ganga's mother is Mena and her father is Himavat, the personification of the Himalaya mountains. In one myth Ganga marries King Sanatanu but the relationship comes to a shattering end when the goddess is discovered to have drowned her own children. In the Mahabharata Ganga is the mother of Bhishma and in some myths Skanda (Karttikeya), the Hindu god of war, is her son with Agni, the god of fire. Tomorrow we'll look at the river from a different angle M G Warrier


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