Inflation Management : Some Thoughts

Sitendra Kumar Sitendra Kumar Many of us are not aware that Shri C V Subbaraman is a poet also. We are all aware about his crusade for pension updation, his learned articles to the GUV and HRMD, CO requesting them to grant the admissible due to the retirees. This time in the wake of assertion by FM that,' Inflation management can’t be singularly left to RBI', he has written a beautiful poem on Inflation management . He has enjoined upon all of us, the public to resist consumption of highly priced goods to control the prices. Kindly enjoy the poem and think it over---- C V Subbaraman Inflation management is not to control prices but how the government in power manages to meet criticism! Price control is only possible by people resisting consumption of high priced goods at least temporarily. Here is a poem On Inflation Management. The buzz word now is inflation, Which is no cause for elation, Not for any jubilation Or for any celebration. It is a demon or disease, Tried to be treated not with ease, By doctors called Economists Who do not have ready cure lists; Some theorise like communists While others back capitalists, Some prefer to ape socialists, Yet others protest with clenched fists. Prices witness an all-round rise When common man suffers and cries, Government knows not where answer lies. The central banker makes some tries And tinkers with interest rates, Ere other steps he contemplates, For, easy options are tried first Though they may result in the worst. Inflation is the hot topic, Its discussion is endemic, In all meetings and seminars As if strategy in great wars, But the solution eludes all And prices do not make a fall. This results in many a brawl, And thin sales in every mall. People have to perforce endure, For which no one has any cure, The world moves on merrily round Leaving the folks to lick their wound. When the price rise becomes static The new level becomes basic For the future inflation rate, People resign unto their fate. They soon forget though not forgive And learn to suffer and to live As they have only Hobson’s choice And little else now to rejoice. Wisdom dawns on the horizon Too late in the day, when all’s done: The best way to curb inflation Is to refrain from consumption And the will to shun temptation Without any hesitation. This is time-tested solution, The ultimate revelation. C V Subbaraman 4) R Jayakumar Dear Sitendra Kumar ji and Guptaji The poem on wiser management of inflation Penned by honourable Sir, Shri Subbaraman I am not worthy to find it for an easy digestion And I will tell you what is, for this, my reason. CVS Sir's poem looks more an item for the Collage Where, for food for thoughts, economists do forage; But being a product of an unknown village I know not what is printed on a yellow page, Yet dare and say what is my inflation message. That man is born to live; and to live I must consume, And how can I stop my habit of consumption? Will I stop eating my breakfast if eggs sell for eighty a dozen Or the sweet potato a kilo costs me ninety plus ten. Will I say tata to Bata and stop wearing my footwear For the price-tag is hiked to what I can't bear, Or do I have to skip my daily dose of medicine Because it is highly priced like gold and wine And stop cutting my hair and let it flow all over Because my barber's fee costs me a treasure trove! No, I will consume and keep consuming Not because I am not worried of prices rising But because I need to make my basic needs met, What if for this all economists break their heads... (Sir it is purely for time pass and entertainment, no poem no economics involved) R Jayakumar


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