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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday September 3, 2022 Prayer 🙏 : https://youtu.be/EiLkqPOTWP8 PM Modi dedicates INS Vikrant to the nation https://youtu.be/F7AdhVJ4ddM Good Morning 🌄 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Sitendra Kumar Responds to Dr T V Gopalakrishnan's views on inflation : Dear Shri Gopalakrishnan, Yes, you are right in saying, 'Gold definitely cannot be taken as a standard commodity to relate to inflation'. I was only analysing the salary structure in relation to the price of gold as it's importance is immense in the lives of the Indians, especially in South India. There in marriage, it's common to give 100-150 tolas in gold during marriage ceremony*. Gold is the most desirable item for women all over India but not in the world. In Europe and America, it's the pearls which are much in demand. Gold provides security to Indian families. For the past 60 years, the total production of gold had remained static at 2500 tonnes per annum. But the demand keeps on increasing. Sitendra Kumar *A considerable quantity gets passed on from generation to generation. Yesterday's focus was on productive deployment of domestic gold stock -Collage 2) V Sundaresan About letter writing : Gone are the days when writing a letter in a post card or inland letter or in a piece of paper and sending it in a stamp-embossed envelope was really an art and enjoyed by many. That gave immense joy and many a time, a sort of solace to the receiver who might be anxiously and eagerly expecting the postman to bring a letter from the near and dear ones. I still preserve a couple of letters of my maternal grandfather, Uncle and my own father, received more than five decades back. I really wonder whether Post Offices are now selling these items of stationery including postal stamps. The reason being the younger generation is not aware of those items or the real thrill behind, as the evolution of ‘easy-going techniques’ gaining importance due to lack of time and patience at the end of the sender/receiver. It is being despised even if someone posts lengthy mails in this forum – only three-lettered “RIP”, emojis and thumbs up signs are the most sought after one now. Elders have to sail with the wind and no escape. 3) C V Subbaraman S Venugopal's appreciation of Indian Cricket Team performance against Afghanistan has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Both Avesh Khan and Arshdeep were very expensive and their bowling left much to be desired. With a little more of grit, Afghanistan could have beaten India! We cannot afford to experiment or take risks in international tourneys. subbaraman 4) S Nallasivan On letter writing : Our friend V Sundaresan responded to Shri Warrier's mail goading us all to write letters. The RBI Pensioners world has been confined to and sustained by the the one and only topic, the eluding revision of Pension. V Sundaresan started in good earnest about the value of written communication and how some carried the emotional bond still, even after decades. Continued at H 5) Silver linings https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/silver-lining/silver-lining-44630/?comments=show Posted online comments : 'here one gets a feeling that you are making a statement of facts. you have an excellent mastery over the language. you have to gainfully use it to keep the reader\'s interest live. keep writing' B Media Response : M G Warrier September 2, 2022 Time for more regional cooperation This refers to the report "Sri Lanka reaches pact with IMF for $2.9-b loan"(The Hindu Business Line, September 2). This is good news for people of Sri Lanka who have been dragged into an unprecedented economic crisis essentially by mismanagement of domestic resources by the rich and the powerful who managed to usurp political powers. Not sure, whether the neighbouring nations played their cards proactively in this crisis. If BRICS countries had monitored the situation from the beginning, though Sri Lanka is not their member, and used their diplomatic channels effectively, the intensity of the crisis itself would have remained at manageable levels. BRICS Bank which started off with an ambitious authorised capital of $100-b could have helped Sri Lanka to tide over the financial crisis much earlier. Time has come for neighbourhood cooperation to reach higher levels right from villages to nation to nation relationships. One is tempted to remember Nehru's Panchasheel Principles, which included "equality and co-operation for mutual benefit. M G Warrier Mumbai C Babusenan's Column Selective honesty* It was a placid evening of July, 1970. The Chief Minister was looking at a file when his Private Secretary entered through a side door. Without raising his head the CM asked : "Jayachandran, may I ask you a question?" " Why, Sir? You have always been doing that and I was always trying to answer to the best of my ability." The CM smiled. "No. This time it is different. This is the question : Is it proper for a minister to take decisions on important issues once he has mentally decided to quit?" "To me, Sir, it does not seem to be proper." "Why?" "Because, one takes a decision knowing well that one will not be there to account for it." There was a pause. Then the CM said :"I am inclined to agree with you." He closed the pen and slowly replaced it on the stand. He moved the file to his left and stood up. The PS was closely watching. It dawned on him that the CM was stating his own position. Thus began the end of a ministry formed hardly an year ago. The CM was the late C Achutha Menon, a very highly regarded Chief Minister of Kerala. (Title of the piece contributed by Collage. Will not go into details, as I too have respect and regards for C Achuta Menon who was a close associate of EMS Nambudaripd. Individuals draw their own contours for honesty and integrity. In the present day world, no one can survive without making compromises. Menon was no exception. If Jayachandran had given a diplomatic answer, the file would have gone to the right tray, GOK! -Warrier) D Current Affairs INS Vikrant 2022 https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2022/09/indian-navy-commissions-ins-vikrant/ "Vikrant is huge, massive, and vast. Vikrant is distinguished, Vikrant is also special. Vikrant is not just a warship. This is a testament to the hard work, talent, influence and commitment of India in the 21st century. If the goals are distant, the journeys are long, the ocean and the challenges are endless – then India’s answer is Vikrant. The incomparable Amrit of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav is Vikrant. Vikrant is a unique reflection of India becoming self-reliant.” Shri Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister E Spirituality/Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1565422607536599040?s=20&t=18BT_RNxMGpRc28gd_eCDw Unity in Diversity - 362 भनति नामदेउ सुक्रित सुमति भए गुरमति रामु कहि को को न बैकुंठि गए Meditating, deeds and thoughts become good Meditating, with Guru's guidance, who has not gone to heaven? Bhagat Namdev, Todi, 718, SGGS F Leisure Science of humour https://www.psychologicalscience.org/observer/the-science-of-humor-is-no-laughing-matter Why April 1st became a holiday devoted to pranks and laughter remains a mystery, although some historians trace it back to the Roman holiday of Hilaria. Humans start developing a sense of humor as early as 6 weeks old, when babies begin to laugh and smile in response to stimuli. Laughter is universal across human cultures and even exists in some form in rats, chimps, and bonobos. Like other human emotions and expressions, laughter and humor provide psychological scientists with rich resources for studying human psychology, ranging from the developmental underpinnings of language to the neuroscience of social perception. G Quotes on cooperation https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/cooperation-quotes Development cooperation between nations is very important because it is one of the building blocks of shared peace, prosperity, and human rights for all. It is one of the antidotes to the poison of xenophobia. Winnie Byanyima Winifred Byanyima, is a Ugandan aeronautical engineer, politician, human rights activist, feminist and diplomat. She is the executive director of UNAIDS, effective November 2019. From May 2013 until November 2019, she served as the executive director of Oxfam International. H Continued from A4 I venture to write on writing love letters as I started at 16, yes writing of love letters. When I moved to College Hostel, it was a command of love from my mother that every Tuesday morning my letter reached her on time, every time. Had my letter failed to reach her my father would arrive in the evening at the Hostel room. This bond of writing letters continued even after my joining service until I brought my parents to live with me at Madras. I had a knack of touching finer emotion in the reader. One such my letter written on the demise of my aunt, it was considered as the most fond recollection on my aunt by my uncle and the family and preserved by them for long. When I visited my Cousin decades later on the demise of the Uncle, my Cousin still related to my emotional charged letter written as an 19 year old teen. Somehow even now I take pride while posting mails make it a point to relate and recall our some of the most pleasant events making letters worthwhile. I have a weakness of not forgetting even trivial ant tiny details long after and make it indeed a pleasure to go through incidents as if they happened the day before yesterday. I am not miserly and very generous in passing on appreciation and I make them feel elated. I am accused of writing long mails to the chagrin of some, why many impatient friends, comfortable only with short catchy WhatsApp trivia. I am very poor in my English and still weaker with Grammar. Despite my short comings I enjoy writing. It gives me lot of pleasure in sharing everything with friends. I am a poor conversationalist and at times become unsure and nervous. I was given an opportunity to speak in one of the RBICF annual get together meetings and I made myself look a fool of the first order. But when I posted a long mail on how I made a mess of of my speech, a long mail, of course, it was well received and appreciated. Now I find Warrier through his College columns encourage, why make people vye with the favourite Contributions of Shri Warrier to make it to the Collage. He too has a fancy to occupy substantially his Collage Pages even though his favourite contributors make it wholesome. S Nallasivan


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