Warrier's Collage on Thursday September 8, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday September 8, 2022 ONAM 🙏 : Thiruvonanalilethra Poo Tharum (Malayalam) https://youtu.be/VMZ6YLxfc74 (Link Courtesy : T J Kurup Thiruvananthapuram) Painting by Reshmy Warrier https://www.instagram.com/p/CiFPjuwq5bL/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Onam 2022 : Onaasamsakal https://youtu.be/AqLibOCaIAQ Closing Bell🔔 Good Morning 🌅 Happy Onam to all readers celebrating ONAM-Warrier Friends I have shared most of the responses received after the decision to convert Collage as a Weekly Journal. The detailed responses have made my job easier, as most of the queries raised are answered by one or the other reader. The love and affection 🙏 I will treasure, as any response from my side to this magnanimous outpour will fall short. A reader friend mentioned to me, 'this 3 days notice and sharing the responses look odd. Collage could have just disappeared'. Collage always respected the right to have different perceptions. So, not trying to defend what cannot be reversed. Nice Day M G Warrier Next Collage on Sunday September 11, 2022 Messages/Responses 1) Dr T V Gopalakrishnan September 7, 2022 Very Happy Onam. Very sad to read that Warrier's Collage a literary feast served every morning with varieties of good food for thoughts and intellectual inputs is being discontinued from tomorrow. I can understand the stress and strain that you have been undergoing to make the morning presentation for many to relish and enjoy but somehow you managed it well and received the applaud and appreciation openly and silently from one and all. I am sure this decision will create a vacuum in knowledge sharing and the entertainment many derive every day. Anyway keep pursuing your intellectual interests and keep sharing as and when found convenient and feasible. Once again thank you and wish you the very best for ever. May God bless you and your family Always and in All Ways . Dr TV G. 2) R Jayakumar Ref : Collage on Wednesday Happy Onam to all... The giant pookkalam at Thrissur reminded me of your hardwork behind the colourful presentation of Warrier's Collage..🌹 3) C V Subbaraman Collage has announced a stop. Reactions have been not surprising. Happy Onam. That should perhaps not mark the end of Collage. A forum for especially the elders, with diverse interests and tastes, covering subjects from atom to zebra, touching upon endless universe, its nature, etc., and very mundane things of life, prose, poetry, prayers and philosophy and physics, Money and all its aspects, there was nothing that Collage did not deal with. It has been a reservoir of knowledge, wit, wisdom and humour and a free forum for exchange of ideas. As a poetaster myself, I do not think that it is time to write an elegy for Collage. I shall not attempt it. When Conan Doyle announced end of Sherlock Holmes, the public could not reconcile with it. Demands by public brought back Sherlock Holmes on the scene. Will Collage be brought back likewise? One hopes so. Nay, for bringing back, one has to end. Will the end be ended without beginning? C V Subbaraman 4) Dr Prabha Ramadurai I am not a regular contributor to the Collage due to various reasons mainly my inability to use the computer or mobile for a long time. But I am a regular reader. It was like a college to me and the contents were like lectures given by proficient Lecturers and Professors. Being a casual student, I used to go through them any time I found leisure and time. The closing of this wonderful daily dose of Collage is not a shocking news for me as there is an end point for everything. I feel that there must be a strong reason for Shri Warrier's decision not to continue further. Being a moderator he is the deciding authority and as a mute spectator and reader I abide by his decision. All the best, Warrier! Prabha Ramadurai 5) V R Chittanandam Your announcement of stopping the Collage is nothing short of a bolt from the blue. The Collage served us as the morning tea everyday and we used to look forward earnestly to see it in our Inbox. It never failed us. We all shall be missing it very badly. I know how much of your time and energy it takes to appear daily. You should be doing this at the cost of your family life. It is a solace that we shall see the Collage on Sundays. We know you deserve respite from the agonising rigours of compiling the Collage and have a request to you. Kindly issue the Collage whenever you find it possible. Do not restrict it to Sundays alone. Chittanandam 6) Jyothilakshmi Anil Kumar Kudos to pulling it off so well this far. Thank you so much for taking the initiative and giving readers an information packed read daily morning 🙏. Partook a lot of knowledge from this. Thank you again. I am inspired by your wisdom, patience and perseverance. Amazing indeed !! Wishing you a peaceful and healthy life with your loved ones always 💕. Take a break, take rest and take care 👍🙏 I will read the Collage back to back. So much of a content (ocean of knowledge) that reading again will be good reminders and beneficial. 7) Franklin Misquith 💐🌹🌷🌻💐 I am happy that your daily Collage will not come to a full stop, and it continues at weekly intervals. I look forward to receiving the same. All the best and thank you for posting some of my poems to our group. It was very kind and generous of you. Wish you and your family a very Joyful Onam. F R Misquith 8) S W Fadnavis I am dumbfounded by your decision, which came as a bolt from the blue. I can't express my feelings. I had become addicted to Collage so much so that my day never started before I opened and completed reading it.Now the mornings will never be the same. But ultimately it is your decision and you must have taken it after considerable thinking. Your Panglossian attitude in the face of turbulent social unrest and gloomy atmosphere allround amazed me. All good things must come to an end. Sunday Collage will be a consolation after waiting for a long week. Wishing you all the best in your life. I wish all the participant friends of Warrier's Collage a very happy and prosperous Onam. 🙏 Sharad Fadnavis 9) Vishnu Kelkar I join with Shri Jayakumar and others in expressing what the Collage readers feel on hearing the announcement of its closure. Collage was like a multiple course executive lunch with different servings every day. Hats off to Warrier for his efforts in coordinating, decorating it beautifully and colourfully before presenting it to Exrbites and others day in and day out. We wish him best of time after retiring from Collage. We are grateful to all stalwarts who contributed almost every day with their articles rich in content and written in high class English. We enjoyed reading daily edition of Collage since its beginning and will miss it very much till it restarts sooner or later. In the meanwhile we eagerly look forward to Sunday edition of Collage . All the very best to Warrier and family. VNKelkar 10) Valsa Mathew Thiruvananthapuram Why to close this daily journal?it gives excellent information on various subjects. 11) Sitendra Kumar You have a firm and strong following who adore you and admire the Collage. It's an encyclopedia, the store house of knowledge and information and a virtual treasure trove. Kindly consider the impassioned plea of all and in case you decide to close it, with a heavy heart, we can grant you permission if you promise to write a book in near future. You know that I have purchased almost all your books which are stored in my kindle e-book. Many read the Collage but a few reply. It's on behalf of many who read that I am making a plea to let it continue. Sitendra Kumar S R Badrinarayanan's response: "CANNOT THE SILENT BREAK THEIR MOUNA VRAT AT LEAST NOW😭 making your assumption true😄 ... SRB" (Dear Badri, Thanks 🙏I am aware of the readership. I've considered the views of my friends. In some way I'll keep in touch with all -Warrier) 12) Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram Read last two digests today only. So you gave a shock. (I 've received some messages/calls with similar content after finalising today's Collage. Perhaps I can respond on Sunday. We'll be in touch. Thanks 🙏) B Collage Poetry : https://allpoetry.com/Put-Out-My-Eyes Put Out My Eyes 👁️👁️ By Rainer Maria Rilke Put out my eyes, and I can see you still, Slam my ears to, and I can hear you yet; And without any feet can go to you; And tongueless, I can conjure you at will. Break off my arms, I shall take hold of you And grasp you with my heart as with a hand; Arrest my heart, my brain will beat as true; And if you set this brain of mine afire, Then on my blood-stream I yet will carry you. 2) Franklin Misquith shared a poem by Ajay Kaul : HAPPINESS Happy to see that you are happy, happy is heart and soul is happy. Happiness within is always right, IT shows on the face and makes it bright. Happiness they say eludes the most, How can it if heart is the host. Happiness always in your heart you keep, Sometimes if you need in my heart you peep. There you will find a happy soul, To be happy his solitary goal. Let your heart sing this song, I shall be happy all life long. Happy to see……… ...........Ajay Kaul 3) M G Warrier : In lighter vein Introducing, my life partner! Quiz? You can accept this as a quiz No prizes waiting, though... I'm sharing the clue first... Breath easy..."You are sharing my partner" Now that you have guessed the answer... Perhaps correctly, Let me proceed... The Goodfellow has been with me, as my partner! Since the moment I breathed fresh air... Like a shadow in light... As a fear in darkness... I get frightened, When the shadow is longer I'm not happy, When the shadow curls down, Underneath my feet! Mid-day disappearance, I know for sure, is deceptive! The fellow appeared in disguise : Frightening in different ways Once as a tree, Falling on me! Sometimes as virus, Or a flood or accident, When I get up and smile, The fellow disappears. But joins me surreptitiously! I have friends who can be trusted, They keep me reminding, Where the fellow is hiding! Someone said, What can't be cured, Has to be endured! Another one added, "We are all in the same boat!" Yet another laughed to add, May be, may not be, "In my boarding pass, Date and time left blank!" Someone consoles : "Once Boarding Pass is issued, The fellow will come to take you " Total silence! Tranquility of the graveyard!! I looked at mirror close by! OMG! Where's my face? I heard the fellow's footsteps... Getting feebler and feebler... ****. **** **** 3) Verse of the Day : Franklin Misquith A verse for the day Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Today is the Feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary, In all respects she was more than a fairy, Her home was always kept bright and airy, And she also ran a little dairy. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Was not in any way like Mary, Nary quite contrary, The evil one was at her very sight felt extremely scary, He was in every way dark and hairy. Now getting down to brass tacks, Satan received many good whacks, For at many times he resorted to many attacks, But he and his cohorts were bound up firmly on burning hot racks. The best prayer to recite in her honour is The Memorare', One could also call it the 'Venerare'. On this day of her Nativity, She became one with the Divinity. We are, one and all, sinners, But the Blessed Virgin 'll transform us all into winners. The wicked one is always gnawing at our throat, But our Divine Mother knows how to restrain his gloat, And keep our fragile boat, Constantly sailing smoothly and always afloat.👏🌷🌹💐 C Babusenan's Column : Collage Break I always used to mentally compare Warrier's Collage with the Connemara Market, a well-known land mark of Kerala's capital. (No offence meant) My reason for that is that it was there that a few of us were allowed to sell our wares free of rent. Now the owner suddenly announces that he is closing the market and proposes to keep it alive as a Sunday market only. I said to myself : "All good things must come to an end". I consoled our PPR quoting this under the mistaken impression that it was some Upanishadic saying. What a fool I was! He would have laughed in his sleeves. It was the old English author Geoffrey Chaucer who said that. I, however, thanked him for writing a few kind words about me incidentally. I am an ardent admirer of Sherlock Holmes stories like many of you. When Arthur Conan Doyle got fed up with the detective stuff, he stopped writing such stories by adopting a trick hoping that Londoners would swallow it whole. He made Holmes disappear in a mighty waterfall in Swiss Alps along with his arch rival. The protests were so strong that the author had to bring him back from the great depth. To be fair to MGW, he did not play any trick. There was no question of his getting fed up. He genuinely felt that the daily Collage had already served its purpose. The luck of the readers will depend on whether he would change his mind like Conan Doyle. D Current Affairs Media Response : M G Warrier September 7, 2022 Cautious optimism* This refers to the article "Defying the headwinds" (September 7). Discounting the political tag of the writer, one is tempted to go with the optimism underlying in the analysis. We sometimes get tired of the aversion of our so called expert analysts and commentators most of the time observing the negatives. When international organisations and celebrity economists have started following the Modinomics and reluctantly accepting the possibility of India moving ahead of the country's competitors in crucial areas of economic growth and scientific development, views within the country are also turning positive. Earlier we understand the futility of fault-finding criticism of the "Opposition Politics" brand, the better for the nation. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published in The Hindu Business Line on September 8, 2022. Also read S K Gupta's letter on fire crackers : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article65862818.ece E Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1567224768621051904?s=20&t=LAzRxiOy_jVTzlFZKKGbKQ Unity in Diversity - 367 नकि नथ खसम हथ किरतु धके दे जहा दाणे तहां खाणे नानका सचु हे Nose-string (used to control beasts) is in hands of Lord but deeds/action influence Where ever the food is destined, there one reaches to consume Guru Angad, Sorath, 653, SGGS F Leisure Jokes on colours https://www.jokesforkids.lol/entertainment/art/color Like : What burns longer, a red candle or a green candle? Answer : Neither, they both burn shorter G Quotes on distances https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/distance-quotes Like : Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky. Rainer Maria Rilke René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke, better known as Rainer Maria Rilke, was an Austrian poet and novelist. He is "widely recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets". He wrote both verse and highly lyrical prose. Several critics have described Rilke's work as "mystical".


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