Warrier's Collage on September 7, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday September 7, 2022 Onam Song 🙏 : 2022 https://youtu.be/4iCeddfbJU0 Onam Thrissur 2022 https://youtu.be/BBBi1Ei9-1Y Good Morning 🌄 2..1. Closing Bell🔔 🔔 Many Thanks for the love and affection 🙏. No words to respond. More tomorrow & on Sunday... Nice Day M G Warrier A Select Messages/Responses 1) Kiran Warrier Mumbai A fantastic daily journal comes to a close, causing disappointment to its regular readers. But as always, I respect your decision. Three cheers to you for the monumental task of curating the Collage and sharing it every morning for 1.5 years. In addition to sharing excellent information and knowledge on varied topics, I am sure the Collage also helped in its own little way to alleviate the stress created by the pandemic for many readers. Looking forward to the Sunday Collages. 2) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Thank you Warrier, for having provided sumptuous feast for such a long period. Running a daily is not a joke. It needs the stuff determination and editorial capacity which a few like Warrier alone are gifted with. It was a variety entertainer to us all. Any combination of words in the dictionary is insufficient to have a descriptive note or comment on the exclusive characteristics of the COLLAGE. Thank you again for having provided a taste of your calibre, wisdom and nothing matches the thrill we had at about 7 A M daily. Very many thanks to the contributors of articles which have transformed us into teens and made us jubilant. 3) R Jayakumar For me to go through the Warrier's Collage almost daily in the last two years was a welcome and special experience. I welcomed and enjoyed it for different reasons. First it helped to divert attention from the ghastly pandemic days and spend time on reading contributions by different learned persons. Secondly it gave some pleasure to see my name often in the Collage whether it got included for a worthy reason or unnecessarily. Thirdly the Exrbites group sharing was/is becoming somewhat dull and the Collage was compensating for it. Fourthly scanning through a variety of topics was made very easy in Collage as everything was put under a single window view and closing and opening and also deleting was made simple. I would love to continue to go through it daily though I saw some partially of the author in projecting Kerala more on hilights. Warrier has chosen an auspicious day to close down the daily Collage that is on the day of Onam Celebration. What he needed is a holiday. But his decision to continue to bring out a Sunday edition of the Collage is a happy news. I thank Warrier for his tremendous efforts put in to collate and present the Collage to us daily in past eighteen months and wish him all the best for his future plans. R Jayakumar 4) P P Ramachandran Mumbai I am considerably saddened to learn that Warrier's Collage is being folded up from September 8, 2022. It was always replete with Lively articles and Lovely Videos. It had distinguished contributors like Kerala Sahitya Academy Award winner Shri V Babusenan. I used to enjoy his vibrant wit and awesome knowledge. Great recall of the best of English and Malayalam literature couched in impeccable language. I had widely circulated his play on Albert Einstein. I am thankful to my friend MGW for sharing valuable space in his Collage for some of my articles. I wish MGW and his family all the best. PPR 5) C A Jacob Bangalore Your decision to space the Collage if not to stop it is received with mixed feelings. After all it was providing good food for thought and intellectual exercise. As an alternative you may consider requesting Vathsala Jayaraman to take over the mantle, who in any case was contributing the bulk of Collage content , everyday without fail. Her commitment and dedication need no further proof. 6) S Nallasivan When the going is good, and the bringing out daily Collage has been no visible strain on the Editor why this sudden and shocking decision? We have been enjoying it and are in fact worried when occassionally it has been delayed by few hours. Mangesh Tarambale, we know, was the inspiration behind the Collage. He too when his "Vitalinformation", a daily dose on Banking served hot was gaining popularity and his mailing list was getting enlarged, suddenly took the decision to bring curtain down to the dismay of his followers. I am wondering what made the ever active MG who loved writing and the early bird to discuss hot topics be it Pension, Monetary Policy Committee Economics, Money and Banking and most desirable part of all his life journey to apply the sudden brake in a smoothly sailing Travel. Could it be that Warrier has decided to write his new book that demanded focus and more time? But then ha has already have half a dozen books having his name on their spine. I am conscious that warrier, at times, turn out to be unreasonably very firm in his decision and refuse to discuss it further. For a change, let him listen to his friends, and admirers of Collage to continue his Collage. I for one consider it a privilege when I caught the attention of Warrier and my writeup too reached the pages of Collage. S Nallasivan 7) Madan Gauria Moderator Newexrbites Group Please see in today's COLLAGE Good Morning message "Closing Bell" from Sh M G Warrier. Very sorry to learn that he has decided to discontinue his "COLLAGE". We don't know the reasons for his sudden decision. It was quite popular item, a sort of summary providing information on so many interesting topics at one place. I am sure it was liked by one and all. Some of our members were posting their mails only in Collage instead of sending to Group. I will request on behalf of all of you to Sh Warrier to reconsider his decision. If he finds it too large he can consider reducing its size. If you also want to reply to his mail please delete it except address line before replying. madan gauria 8) S K Gupta I was highly surprised to learn about your decision to bid good bye to your well articulated and warmly received 'Collage'. Kindly reconsider this matter. 9) Jayaram Krishnaswami Will surely miss the daily dose of Collage.Thank You for the effort you have been taking yo keep people informed. Looking forward to Sunday Collage. Happy Onam to you and family. Happy Onam to all Collage readers too. Jayaram Krishnaswami 10) S R Badrinarayanan I decided that I will never close communication from my side, with anyone in my life 🙏 Well communication must be two way.. Hope your desire is reciprocated*. .... Badrinarayanan And, a beginning has an end for anything under the Sun is not unknown. But we hardly realize this fact but behave as though things will go on till Sun and Moon shine. Closer home and heart, the count down to say Sayonara to/by Sri M G Warrier Sir's The Collage, an unwelcome intimation that the editor opted to announce after his customary Welcome note, must be hard to reach one's psyche especially those who enjoy visibily and otherwise! The Collage canvas covered vibgyor topics and regular contributions from our elite friends made interesting reading. Fact remains inclusion of one's contribution did enhance his/her(only one!?) self-esteem that made the writer a regular contributor that the editor willingly awarded a column to them. The Collage maintained its' high standard. As is the practice the contributers were almost the same thoui the contributions had large variety! The editor proved smart in culling out special information from amongst the known writers presented elsewhere too. Another unique quality of the Collage is it extended its' invisible hands to the family of many identifying the talents in it's jurisdiction. None can deny the lion's share of time the preparations of the Collage would have consumed. Yet, the editor opted to keep the flag flying and he is well within his command to feel calling it a day! Consolation is that we will continue to have the taste of Collage. Kudos to Sri M G Warrier Sir and his team of prolific writers who kept high standards of journalism. Surprisingly, the editor has aired his idea on communication this in today's Collage!! I decided that I will never close communication from my side, with anyone in my life 🙏 Pray God to bless Sri Warrier the best of health. .... Badri-222 (*The wait continues -Warrier) 11) S Venugopal As most of us know I am a person of easy type! Normally I don't worry for anything! Since I hope in the theory of the saying "This shall also pass!" But yet when Carnatic Legend Madurai Mani Iyer died I was crying and also when our beloved First P, M. Nehru pssed away I was very sad. Later on I felt when Gavaskar Kapil Sachin &Dhoni retired from active Cricket I couldn't digest it. In our great RBI when our Treasurer Sri .P V Viswanathan Sir Retd we felt very bad. So also When our great human being our e,x Sri Janakiraman Sir left us from Chennai to Bombay. Now today our good Govinda Warrier has made me very sad & unhappy by his Closing Bells call. Please reconsider Warrier! I promise I will coperate by writing & NOT writing too if need be! I am also Warning you I may organize a full ALL INDIA PROTEST! PLEASE RESPOND AND ALSO RUN WC! From venu & ALL RBI Fans of WC!! B Current Affairs 1)Reserve Bank of India Governor's Speech on September 5, 2022 : https://m.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_SpeechesView.aspx?Id=1325 Financial Market Reforms : Approach and Expectations (Address by Shri Shaktikanta Das, Governor, Reserve Bank of India - September 05, 2022 - at FIMMDA annual event, Mumbai) Excerpts : "Market development ultimately is a shared goal of both the regulator and the market participants. The RBI has taken steps towards liberalising markets, removing barriers and putting in place a facilitative regulatory framework. Adoption of new products requires participation from market participants in terms of providing liquidity, contributing to price determination and easing operational constraints. It is upon the market participants to take the baton forward to develop the market and offer innovative financial products to a broader set of clients. The RBI will remain constantly engaged with the market bodies and participants. Together, we should remain future ready at all times. I firmly believe that we can do this. " 2)Vande Bharat Express* https://twitter.com/GMSRailway/status/1566720092213497857?s=20&t=JprUc7_-isCIn1TAUde6Ng "Vande Bharat express goes at a speed of more than 180 KMs per hr ,surprisingly a glass of water filled to the brim remained stable. We are improving in R&D. You will get a feeling that you are in the train. Watch." *Shared by K P SASTRY C Faith https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1566891086055845888?s=20&t=0b4WWXNgKODxKGaYZ5cy8A Unity in Diversity - 366 ਦੋਸੁ ਨ ਦੇਅਹੁ ਰਾਇ ਨੋ ਮਤਿ ਚਲੈ ਜਾਂ ਬੁਢਾ ਹੋਵੈ ਗਲਾਂ ਕਰੇ ਘਣੇਰੀਆ ਤਾਂ ਅੰਨ੍ਹ੍ਹੇ ਪਵਣਾ ਖਾਤੀ ਟੋਵੈ Do not blame person engrossed in maya: in old age, intellect is impacted Entangled/blinded by Maya, babbling too much, bound to fall in ditch Guru Nanak, 1412, SGGS D Blogs & Links Collage ONAM Special 1) A tradition maintained uninterrupted : https://www.deccanchronicle.com/lifestyle/viral-and-trending/230816/pookkalam-is-an-everyday-affair-in-purameri-kovilakam.html E Books Festivals of India in pictures Festivals of India - A Picture Book on Festivals of India https://amzn.eu/d/80dUluT F Leisure When free, check for your Onam Greetings here : http://www.onamfestival.org/onam-messages.html G Quotes on Onam Festival https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/events/happy-onam-2020-wishes-messages-quotes-images-facebook-whatsapp-status/amp_articleshow/77846582.cms


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