Hanuman & India Inc : FM's Comparison

Current Affairs Media Response : M G Warrier September 14, 2022 Hanuman and India This refers to the report "What is holding back your investments, FM asks India Inc" (The Hindu Business Line, September 14). FM's comparison of India Inc to Hanuman is very apt. Perhaps we can take it further to the present slumber of "We The People". Maybe, with the exception of PM Modi and the Foreign Minister Jaishankar, top leadership also compare notes with so called developed countries and try to convince themselves that we are in the race and one day, India also will catch up. One hopes, Sage Agastya reincarnates and wakes up India with a modern Adityahrudayam, reminding her about the huge untapped domestic resources waiting to be mainstreamed and productively deployed. They include : 1) Domestic gold stock worth about US$ 1200 billion, which, if mapped and part of which is accounted for, nation's networth and image will change. 2) Long coastal areas which have great potential for being developed into international ports, Ship-building facilities and tourists attractions. 3) Forests awaiting mapping, planned re-forestation, development of medicinal gardens in and around and commercial exploitation of forest produce without harming environment. With our huge infrastructure for Ayurvedic treatment, the scope for herbal tourism is growing. 4) Workforce in India which is in disarray for various historic reasons. They need to be realigned and upskilled to international standards which will involve a relook at and overhaul of, our higher education and training facilities. The list is illustrative. The potential is huge. M G Warrier Mumbai


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