Warrier’s Blog: Moving to 8th year On September 29, 2015 this Blog will be entering to 8th year of existence. Birthday will be observed on that day. All are invited to view the postings on Tuesday, September29, 2015. Till date this Blog had 33539 page views, 1453 posts and (only) thirteen members. Copied below is the first post! M G Warrier Jyotirgamayah The traditional wisdom tells you that if you remove ‘lack of awareness’ (agyan) knowledge(gyan0 will emerge. Same thing about light. Once darkness is removed, light dawns. All good things such as wisdom, harmony, light, good food, appropriate arrangement for all creatures to live in this universe and timely changeover of one form to another are all built in in the making of the universe. It is man's greed and curiosity that has altered the balance. So it is the responsibility of man to set it right, now. To site one example, the ongoing efforts to find out the secrets of the beginning of the universe in which scores of countries with billions worth of resources and thousands of scientists are engaged are leading to waste of all types of resources, which properly diverted could have helped millions of people on the surface of earth now living a miserable life. Same is the case with resources wasted in war and a multiple of that much in preparing for wars which will never be fought. We find out justifications for all wrongs we do. The other day someone ranked nations according to their corruptibility. On a perusal of the word corruption, one finds that the dictionary meaning of the word 'corruption' itself is corrupt. It reads, dishonest or illegal behaviour! The yardsticks for honesty and legality that is commonly used, we all know. The first will depend on the social and financial status of the person concerned and latter, legal validity will depend on the money one can spend in arguing one's case. Rights and wrongs depend heavily on the muscle power and money power, whether it is about individuals, groups or nations. A reading of newspaper any day will testify for this. Posted by M G Warrier at 11:24 PM 1 comment: Reshmy said... hello accha..good to c ur blog in action. :-) pls keep up da good work..its a nice medium for writers/thinkers. October 7, 2008 at 3:24 AM


Very true warrier Saab.Its human greed in someone big that 0000s of RBI staff today are buying Dal @ 100+ and Piaj @ 60-70 without any sign of updation.
Unknown said…
Sir, I agree with you that once darkness is removed, light dawns. Various countries are spending millions of dollars for preparation of war that could not be there. But this thing has been continuing since the evolution of mankind when there became groups, fightings were there and thereafter with big armies came. It is an ongoing process of mankind when one wants supremacy over the other. Man is born selfish. These things cannot be stopped. However, I agree that in today's world if such resources were utilized otherwise for all the good things, the world will become a better place to live in.

Ravi Uppal

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