Shekhar Gupta: Broken politics, constant combatants | Business Standard Column

Shekhar Gupta: Broken politics, constant combatants | Business Standard Column


For those who left the article in the middle, let me copy the concluding paragraph:

"It is a truism that a government is for the ruling party to run and Parliament is an essential part of that. Even for India’s economy to get its mojo back, normalcy has to be first restored in its politics. It can’t happen unless Mr Modi accepts the idea and makes the necessary conciliatory moves rather than remain fixated on one state election after another. He is no longer under siege in Fortress Ahmedabad. This is what leaders of corporate India should have told him rather than keeping on repeating the same old pitch for interest rate cuts and banking bailouts. But you know that is as unlikely as Congressmen telling Ms Gandhi that the suit-boot line, though smart, can’t be a substitute for patient, old-fashioned politics for the lonely, long haul in opposition."

Both political leadership and the industial elite should have taken the messages of AAP and the emergence of Modi. The first was a declaration that there are people who watch what is going on in the name of governance and WE THE PEOPLE understand the difference between good governance and corrupt politics. The second was an option exercised to change the status quo, not necessarily a mandate to an individualto run the nation in his own way. Having said that, if still industry feels that they can get things by lobbying or corrupt feel that their 'donations' will keep them safe or the opposition feels that 'they need not do any homework and get away by making noises in the class', all one can say is that India as a nation is not left with that kind of time to learn everything from first principles. 21st Century is about distributive justice, speedy implementation of programmes that will improve the living conditions of the majority and ensuring peace, health and prosperity for all.

M G Warrier


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