Neurologist, writer, healer - The Hindu

Neurologist, writer, healer - The Hindu


Those who skipped the article, do read this concluding observation:

“Even when looking death in the eye, he [Sacks] finds reasons to live life more animated than ever. I would hate for this to sound like a eulogy; it is more like a celebration of a hero,” the student said.

Is there not a message here for the rest of us fretting and fuming all the time about how unfair life has been?"

I admire The Hindu Group of newspapers and magazines for bringing together so much of information and knowledge, when others test anything before publication for their 'market impact'. Once I commented that every issue of Frontline is a collector's item. Now I would like to amend, do create a library of all Hindu publications, you will find the value as days pass by.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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