Who killed 14 rail passengers in Mumbai on Sunday? - Moneylife

Who killed 14 rail passengers in Mumbai on Sunday? - Moneylife


Shocking. No, I am not
referring to the rise of death on the tracks from the daily average of 9 to 10
to fourteen on a particular day attributed to more rush due to Mega Block. What
is shocking is the pedestrian apathy to deaths happening due to inadequacy in
services provided for which passengers are being charged. Railways will have to
plan for expansion and renovation which will in the medium term enable them to
provide adequate space in the trains for passengers. I am writing this on a
day, the news about ‘private airports’ for super-rich has come out. Let them
enjoy the comfort which they have earned through hard work. But, government, in
public interest, need to ensure that public transportation systems including
railways and road transport are maintained well. Government should not ignore
the deaths and injuries suffered by poor and middleclass people while traveling
caused by shortage of services provided or inadequate maintenance of
infrastructure. These days, mainstream media(both print and electronic) also
pays attention to untimely deaths and injuries caused, when a celebrity is on
one side as a victim or perpetrator.
M G Warrier


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