Meet Babar Ali, the world’s youngest headmaster - The Hindu

Meet Babar Ali, the world’s youngest headmaster - The Hindu


There are thousands of individuals like this dedicating their lives for making the lives of their fellow beings and future generation a shade better. Media (both electronic and print) does not devote much space for them. Thanks to The Hindu. Allow me to copy the concluding sentences of the article:

"Various people, a majority of who are from Karnataka, have supported him morally and financially.

“The Karnataka government has a chapter on me in the first pre-university textbook, which is why 90 per cent of the mails I receive are from Karnataka.”

Despite all the attention and the recognition he has received, he is still not content. “There are people in my village who do not go to school and there is a long way to go as so many children still need to avail education,” he says."

Let more people come to know of such efforts.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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