Faith: Bliss of contentment

Faith: Bliss of contentment: The Upanishads speak of renunciation as the only path to salvation. Once this is reached, there is no turning back. Every soul is already in this journey. Some strive consciously to travel in this pat

Have you heard this interpretation? Read:

"The epithet ‘Vennai Unda Vayan’ captures child Krishna’s penchant for butter. He would steal it from the households in Ayarpadi and make no secret of it at all. Interpreters see butter as symbolic of the atma that has lost its moorings and stays in the cycle of birth. Out of compassion, the Lord chooses to steal the atma to enable the jivatma to come out of this whirlpool. He has His own ways to steal the hearts of His devotees as He has shown in the case of this Azhwar. Azhwar is overwhelmed by the bliss of contentment that is conferred on him by the compassionate Lord."

Interesting, isn't it?

M G Warrier


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