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Obit, O N V Kurup (1931-2016)

Malayalam language and literature lost one of its most respected contemporary voices with the death of poet O.N.V. Kurup in Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday, February 13, 2016. He was 84.
ONV, a college teacher by profession, has to his credit such collections as Poruthunna Soundaryam ,Mayilpeeli , Aksharam ,
 Uppu , Karutha Pakshiyude Paatt , 
Karl Marxinte Kavithakal ,
Agnisalabhangal , Kothambumanikal , 
Bhoomikk oru Charamageetham , Mrigaya , and Veruthe , to name a few. He unsuccessfully contested as a Left-supported independent candidate in the 1989 Lok Sabha election.
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February 10, 2016
Whither federalism?*
This refers to the excellent article “The SC must end partisan federalism” (The Hindu, February 10, 2016) which can form the basis for taking the debate on federalism forward. The current decade is witnessing a peculiar situation in Indian political system in regard to hierarchical issues from the role of the President to running of local self-government bodies. Several issues which can have only political solution through democratic processes are getting referred to judiciary for decision. Ideally, courts should desist from the temptation to consider issues which should be decided by elected legislatures after due deliberations.
To restore the efficiency of parliamentary democracy, Centre should take the initiative to evolve a political consensus on the need for parliament, state legislatures and other democratic institutions to function smoothly. This will call for certain amount of give and take as regards sharing of power and resources.
M G Warrier, Mumbai
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Copied from a ‘group email*

Do not wait…

Heard during a discourse

Don’t wait for someone to complete you nor be a part of you.

Don’t wait until someone comes in to fill your missing pieces.

Don’t wait for your talents to be recognized by someone.

Don’t wait till your beauty is admired by someone.

Don’t wait for the appreciation or the applauses from someone.

Don’t wait for someone to wipe off your tears.

Don’t wait for someone to pave you the way.

Don’t plan your dreams to be fulfilled by someone, do not wait….
…the someone is you-YOURSELF!


“Last week I attended the wedding of a doctor bridegroom, just setting up a clinic. Everyone blessed the bridegroom nice career with flourishing practice.When we were brooding over this blessing, it struck me that the same blessing is a curse to many who may suffer from ailments so as to visit his clinic.

In the same analogy , a lawyer wishes for disputes, litigations and conflicts in the lives of others .The ever watchful police force is eagerly expecting some agitation, or a bigger gain taking advantage of some atrocious crimes in the society which may brighten his career prospects.

Your tooth decay or gum swelling is heartily welcome by the dentist so that his purses also may swell well through root canal treatment.The mechanics on the roadside sincerely offer Rs 10/ daily at the Ganesha Hundi awaiting some major break down of your car/scooter or may not mind you getting involved in an accident.

A carpenter may rejoice if your windows and doors get jammed and so is the plumber who is delighted at our leaking taps and clogged drain.He does not care for our leaking eyes while paying a huge sum.We have seen with our own eyes how the recent floods in Chennai have given continuous jobs to carpenters, bedding marts, scooter and car mechanics.One man's loss turns into other man's profit.
A maths teacher wants his students to be of average calibre so that he could mint money through private tuitions.Hereceives in thousands promising centum to children in the Board Exams.

The coffin maker is still worse. He is overwhelmed with peak of emotions when there are more deaths.He rejoices while others wail.The emotional outsurge in the minds of bereaved relatives of the brain dead, brightens the life of four or five persons through organ transplant.

Stock markets crunch and major recessions in Economy which depress many, may create a few millionnaires too. Elections are won not because of achievements of the relative candidate/party but mostly due to the failure of the earlier regime.

If a more deserving candidate falls sick on the interview day, fortune favours the less deserved or non deserving.

My husband was placed in waiting list for corneal transplant and we were expected to wait for 6 or7 months.
But two young boys from Bihar with corneal damage due to burns from their lathe could not reach Chennai due to heavy floods. As the eyes could not be wasted my husband was called for immediately,and surgery was done within an hour.Though the other two were quite young and restoration of vision to them were more important than that of my husband, their misfortune in the form of natural calamity helped us.,the less deserving.
It seems that if any person wants to succeed in life, he prays in his heart of hearts that someone else fails paving way for his success.
Does no one like you to prosper and have peace of mind. Why not? There are burglars and robbers who actually want you to prosper, have loads of gold and silver in your chest and bundles of currency, black or white. They also pray for your sound peaceful sleep.Say thanks, to those good hearted souls for a sincere prayer.

When we were young it was dinned into our ears that ‘there is no gain without pain’emphasizing the need for hard work on our part to succeed in life.But real life situations reveal that the success of most of the activities is the bye product of failure or miseries of others.

My thoughts sounded genuine for a while.I realised that I have been totally brain washed by my own thoughts.How could I picturise the entire community as finding pleasure at the misfortunes of others- totally condemnable and diabolical ?

What will happen if our shoes do not get torn up at all for years? What if our doors and windows don't get jammed or our taps do not leak or our drains do not get clogged?
What will happen that all remain very very healthy and no medicines are required at all?All labourers, professionals and all industries will come to a standstill.
All the scientific advancements and developments in communication have sprung up due to the earlier faults committed. The failure of earlier scientists instigate the later ones to identify the problems and proceed in their research.

Failures and disappointments are ways of nature and they are the fundamentals for global success.Fortunes and misfortunes are two sides of the same coin and come in cycles.This is what the great Recession Experts in Economists say. Is it not the core content of Bhagavat Gita?

* Received from Vathsala Jayaraman(Exrbites)


Of all the prayers, one I carry with me for the last 65 or more years is this:
'May good things come,
May God bless with good thoughts/intentions,
May God save us from abject poverty and fatal diseases...'
(Nallathu varuthane...Nalla Buddhi thonnikkane...Daaridryavum Mahavyaadhiyum neekki rakshikkane...)
As a child, I have listened to my father repeating this while going to sleep every day.

M G Warrier


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