Ties of love

Ties of love: Guha appears in the Ramayana in two instances and both of these are highly emotional moments. Kamban gives a stunning portrayal of him who is remembered and celebrated as a fine soul, a fervent devote


"A peerless oarsman who ferries people across the Ganga, Guha sees in Rama a greater oarsman who is ever engaged in steering countless jivatmas since time immemorial across the ocean of Samsara. Stirred by unalloyed love and affection, Guha makes arrangements for Rama’s stay during the night. The next morning, he takes Rama, Sita and Lakshmana across the Ganga. He then appeals to Him to continue to stay in his kingdom. He offers Rama the entire kingdom and makes clear his only desire which is to serve Rama. He considers this to be his greatest fortune. Rama could share the rustic life with his simple folk, living on honey and meat, sporting in the forests and partaking of the waters of the Ganga for ablutions. Rama is overwhelmed and tells Guha that he has found a brother in him. They are now a family of five brothers bound by the boundless ties of love and affection. Rama points out that His duties enjoin Him to go into the forest while Guha has his own — to protect the land and people over which he rules. Guha is tongue-tied on hearing Rama’s word which cannot be disobeyed and his sorrow is great that he should give leave to Rama."

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M G Warrier


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