Appointment of ‘capitalist’ adviser angers Left in Kerala

Appointment of ‘capitalist’ adviser angers Left in Kerala: Harvard economist Gita Gopinath’s appointment as economic adviser...

‘Capitalist’ adviser!

This refers to the report “Appointment of ‘capitalist’ adviser angers Left in Kerala” (The Hindu Business Line, July 30). The smile on Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s face is real. He has successfully generated a debate in the media and among his friendly adversaries within LDF and in the opposition on a non-issue. Here are the reasons.
CM knows that an advisor is not an administrator of policies. Her role starts and ends with giving her views with supporting empirical evidence or reasons on issues referred to her. The opposition and even his own friend, philosopher and guide VS will get engaged in finding out the background and ‘profile’ of Gita Gopinath, when he can concentrate on other mundane issues of governance.
This observation is also in the context of criticism from political parties like Congress that the present LDF government in Kerala is not following ‘Marxist’ policies.
When will our political leadership across party affiliations mature and start worrying about ground level problems affecting the common man?

G Warrier, Mumbai


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