Not really nuclear

Not really nuclear: Govind and Sarita K. (60 and 56) are preparing to move in with their son, his wife and four-month-old child. The younger couple want to resume careers but don’t want to put their child in day care till...

Nuclear problems

Gauri Dange in her article “Not really nuclear” (The Hindu, Sunday Magazine, July 17) has flagged several issues affecting the nuclear families and the emotional conflicts arising at this stage of evolution of relationships in the context of fast changes world over. The examples are revealing and gives fairly good idea about relationship issues families confront due to unexpected changes in life. As regards possible options or solutions, the writer has left it to the imagination and wisdom of the reader or has reserved for a future article or, may be book.
There cannot be free size solutions for the kind of problems families face in situations described in the article. One thing in common for many who are in the same boat confronting such relationship management issues is that the individuals do not want any encroachment into their ‘space’ once each one is financially independent. We may not be able to re-invent the interdependence of the joint family system of 20th Century. But, creating an awareness that money cannot buy peace of mind and happiness and that everyone, at some stage in life will be dependent on support from fellow beings will go a long way in restoring harmony in relationships.

G Warrier, Mumbai


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