Banking institute turns to mobiles, tablets to teach ‘Gen Y’

Banking institute turns to mobiles, tablets to teach ‘Gen Y’: With ‘Generation Y’ joining the banking industry, the Indian Institute of Banking...


Moving with times*

Apropos “Banking institute turns to mobiles, tablets to teach ‘Gen Y’(The Hindu Business Line, July 12, 2016), it is heartening to see that reputed organisations are making conscious efforts to keep pace with the changing times. If financial sector has to do justice to the rising expectations of society, skill development and improvement of knowledge base has to be an ongoing process for all, from policy makers to the junior-most employee in the branch of a bank. For several decades, IIBF has been carrying out this responsibility in respect of bank workforce, excellently well.
Perhaps, with dependence on brick and mortar offices and teachers in the field getting reduced, organisations like IIBF may be in a position to spread their wings into areas beyond their mandated territories.  May be, to start with, an online class for a foundation course in banking and finance for graduates could be considered. Such a course may be beneficial for students, who may opt for a career in the financial sector and for laymen who would like to improve their financial analysis skills.

M G Warrier, Mumbai

*Submitted version of the letter published in the Hindu Business Line on July 13, 2016


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