Saying good-bye with dignity

Saying good-bye with dignity: “In India, the poor die in agony in neglect, the middle-class die in agony in ignorance, and the rich die in agony on a ventilator,” says Dr. Sankha Mitra, the British oncologist, referring to...


"In the absence of palliative care, treatment of incurable diseases becomes inappropriate. The implications on the family are seldom recognised or discussed. In the absence of any form of support, family members have to leave their jobs and the next generation is forced to drop out of school.
A medico-social experiment in Kerala that started in 1993 in Kozhikode city, which later spread through the State, has clearly shown a way forward. The community got so interested that palliative care came to be seen as a social need and a social obligation. Today, there are more than 200 organisations in Kerala providing palliative care, far more than all the rest of the country put together."
A timely article.
M G Warrier


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