Jayanta Roy: Ensuring growth for all Indians

Jayanta Roy: Ensuring growth for all Indians: Pulling the neglected millions out of poverty will require massive investments in human capital...

Timely reminder
Any number of ‘reminders’ like this should be welcomed. Post-independence, for decades, there has been a conscious neglect of the need to ensure equity or distributive justice, literacy for masses and elimination of poverty from India. There was self interest of ensuring cheap labour for industries and even for house-hold work. Till Narendra Modi as PM exhorted from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15, 2014, importance of schooling girl children or the reason for high rates of drop-outs beyond primary classes (inadequate toilet facilities in schools) did not get the attention these issues are getting now. Skill development based on the local needs is still a neglected area. Except in states like Kerala where education is oriented towards ‘sending out’ youth to seek jobs, there are no serious efforts to improve literacy or develop skills.

M G Warrier


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