Rahul jibe, Jaitley retort spice up inflation debate

Rahul jibe, Jaitley retort spice up inflation debate: To Congress leader’s dig of ‘arhar Modi’, FinMin says rains will cool pulse prices...

This refers to the report “Rahul jibe, Jaitley retort spice up inflation debate” (The Hindu Business Line, July 29). Let us look at the same event from a different angle. After a long time, Rahul Gandhi came to parliament armed with a long note on a topic of public interest and read it out in a relaxed mood. It has to be said to the credit of current Lok Sabha that the House is allowing debate on serious issues.
Here, let us remind ourselves that In-house debates are an integral part of a healthy parliamentary democracy. Once this recognition sinks in and every member does his/her homework and confronts the treasury benches with the issues affecting the people, policy formulation will graduate from a bureaucratic process to real legislative procedure guided by informed discussion among people’s representatives.
On the same day (July 28) Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent two hours with the NITI Aayog think tank guiding them to get out of the earlier practice of ‘incremental changes’ and to go ahead and finalise a vision document for the next 15 years factoring in the growth needs of 21st Century India.

M G Warrier, Mumbai 


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