Chicago University welcomes Raghuram Rajan back to academics

Chicago University welcomes Raghuram Rajan back to academics: Welcoming Raghuram Rajan back to academics, the prestigious University of Chicago has...

Too early to say Bye...Still...

Excerpts from my today's response to an article by AV Rajwade in Business Standard:

"Of course, I have in mind the blacking out of the RBI Annual Report 2014-15 by the media. Dr Raghuram Rajan, in a newly introduced chapter “Governor’s Overview” in that report, had flagged several concerns bothering him. It is not late yet and one need not wait for Dr Rajan’s memoirs to find out what all irritated him or hindered his functioning. He must have been ‘professionally hurt’ and his decision to quit at the end of the ‘contracted’ term might also have been guided by the indifference of GOI and other stakeholders in the financial sector to the views expressed by him. He is much taller to be dwarfed by the barbs of economist-turned politicians."

This has reference to some online comments posted by readers of this article.

M G Warrier


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