Shankar's weekly

Shankar's weekly


"After Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in India, many cartoonists were in peril. When government told Shankar that some cartoonists in his magazine will be proceeded against, I was in jitters, since I too had lampooned Mrs.Gandhi in three or four cartoons. But Shankar talked to Mrs Gandhi personally and assured her that he would close down the magazine and requested her not to harm any cartoonist. So we were let off the hook. This was possible only because of the respect Shankar commanded in the Nehru family. This brought out the qualities of Shankar that made him a good human being. He put the welfare of those who worked for him before the survival of his magazine. A few days later I got a letter personally signed by Shankar explaining the circumstances under which the magazine had been closed down, and promising to pay all the arrears due to the contributors. Sure enough, I got a cheque within a couple of weeks.Later, when Shankar passed away, the Madurai station of the All India Radio wished to interview me about Shankar and his weekly. I told them whatever I knew of the cartoonist and his work. It was also a tribute to a good human being. Even today I feel a sense of pride over my association with Shankar's Weekly.J.VASANTHAN"

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