Demonetisation has missed its target

Demonetisation has missed its target: The currency crisis has hit ordinary folk, while the big fish are sitting pretty...

"For instance, your housemaid and mine, whose husbands maybe daily wage or blue collar workers in shops and offices, don’t have credit cards. She goes to the local grocer to buy a quarter kg of tomatoes, half a kg of onions or 200 gm of mutton/chicken. Do the places they buy their food from accept credit cards; is their average spend ₹2,000?
If these people in our metros were trapped by the demonetisation move, imagine the plight in India’s hinterland, where it is not only superfluous, but cruel to talk about the need to usher in a cashless economy. Let's not forget that only 27 per cent of Indian villages have a bank in a radius of 5 km. Now think of the truck driver who eats in the roadside dhaba, the farmer, the agri labourer, the potti kadaiowner in tens of thousands of Indian villages — the list is endless. All of them are in distress."
I am happy. Many elite people have suddenly woken up to the plight of the poor and the deprived in India. What the directive principles in the Constitution or exhortations by the so called 'Left' political parties could not do in 70 years, Modi has achieved by making these people beg for change. Change is bound to come!
M G Warrier


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