Time to move towards a new litigation policy

Time to move towards a new litigation policy: On the occasion of the Delhi High Court’s golden jubilee in October, the Prime Minister broached the problem of excessive government litigation. The Supreme Court, since the 1970s, has berated success...

National Litigation Policy

It is natural that responsible governments make efforts to ensure that the policies they implement are realistic, rational and implementable at the ground level. So, the effort to have a 'robust' National Litigation Policy' cannot be faulted. But, in the Indian context, where the country is burdened with over 3 crore pending cases across all levels of judiciary, we cannot wait for a perfect NLP to evolve and manage the situation. 
Perhaps, the message PM was trying to send out, that where Government is on one side of a particular litigation, the process should not get delayed for want of cooperation from the government side, need to be taken forward.

M G Warrier


Anonymous said…
Nice observation. To the extent possible, Govt should avoid litigation.

Even this Govt is not giving dues to our soldiers on retirement due to injury etc., forcing people to go for litigation. The Govt knows full well that it will lose the case in the end .

Such a +ve step by Govt is welcome .

Rangasayee .

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