Make it last

Too early to call: This refers to “The Tata Affair: Are we judging too soon?” (November 16). Given the kind of dirty linen being washed in public by both Tata and Mistry camps, with allegations and counter allegations flying fast, it is

Make it last

This refers to “Making the most of demonetisation” by C Rangarajan (November 16). The former RBI Governor has endorsed the three objectives of targeting black money in the form of currency, funding of terrorism through cash and making fake currency which found mention in PM’s speech announcing demonetisation, suggesting positive measures to achieve these objectives. Taking the advice seriously, policy makers need to quicken the measures to prevent further accumulation of black money and to flush out the huge quantities of unaccounted wealth concealed in sectors such as gold and jewellery, real estate and accounts abroad, leaving the burden of minimising the pains caused mainly by planning and logistic problems to executives down the line with guidance from the RBI.

MG Warrier


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