Decision on central budget

Decision on central budget

This refers to the report “Decision on budget soon, says CEC Zaidi" (The Hindu, January 5). It is unfortunate that Election Commission of India too has given an opportunity for media to divert public attention from the main issues relating to elections in five states announced now. The reference here is to the 'non-existent' uncertainty about the date of central budget in the context of state elections. 
As GOI had announced the date of central budget as February 1, 2017, courtesy demanded that Election Commission and GOI should have had consultations and come to a mutually agreed view on their stance on presentation of central budget before announcement of Election process. No doubt, issues raised by political parties now will be addressed and ‘decision will be taken by CEC in ‘due course’. GOI needs to ensure that institutions like RBI and CEC are not seen taking instructions from above in their day-to-day affairs. They should be allowed to retain their image built over long periods of time. This will be possible only through consultations on an ongoing basis on matters where there can be scope for differences in perception. Public trust in institutions is of paramount significance in a democracy.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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