Trump-Modi Equation

Reading too much into a priority in phone call may not be quite appropriate. But, there can't be two views on interpreting the situation as, ADVANTAGE MODI!
M G Warrier


Earlier our PM became an intimate friend, of the former President on first name basis, Obama.
He in fact invited the wrath by wearing a million rupee suit to honour his friend during the visit. These are all to garner the Indian market for the US Corporations and keep generating jobs for the US citizens. Every US President whether Democrat or Republican their heart beat for their own Country. There is nothing more to it and at the best PM will plead for more H1B visas.
Dr Nallasivan
Without questioning your information about Modi and US, let us look at the other side also. Of all the American Presidents, Obama is not one to feel honored by a coat. That coat had a history and now its biography too is available. Coming to more important issues, beyond patriotism which you referred to, American Presidents are managed by the business interests of that country.
On Visas, having followed media during Modi's first visit (as PM) of US, I'm aware of a different story. N R Narayanamurty wrote an article in a leading newspaper on the eve of Modi's visit to US. The article pleaded that Modi should ask for more Visas of a particular type. Like Kuchela, Modi forgot about that and while in US, he offered liberal issue of Visas for Americans who wished to come and work in india!

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