T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan: The wrong Lego set

T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan: The wrong Lego set: One imported economist is NITI Aayog head, another CEA, and a third will soon be RBI deputy governor...

January 7, 2017
The missing Indian context

This refers to T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan’s article “The wrong Lego set” (Business Standard, Marginal Utility, January 7). While eagerly looking forward to read the remaining five parts of the series, one feels the comfort of having someone still left in the media who can speak out truth without the fear of losing the constituency. The writer has brought out cogently, the evolution of policy-making in India, bereft of the Indian context, all through.
Over time, the distance between the thought processes of political leadership and the bureaucracy and judiciary, bureaucracy and the intelligentsia (including economists) and the Civil Service personnel who support political leadership in governance and statutory bodies has increased. If the widening gap is not quickly gauged and remedial measures taken without delay, the democratic system of governance in India may go through an unprecedented turbulent phase, recovery from which will take time and the bruises the institutions including government suffer in the process may take a long time to heal.
In the Indian context, it is not just the schools to which economists or for that matter analysts and thinkers belong that matters. This is the only country  they get lured and hired by political leadership and a subservient media forcing them to either remain silent or become the mouthpiece of their ‘masters’. The irony is, this happens without their ‘knowledge’. Those who prefer to retain their freedom of expression, will be identified and handled in the Indian way. Raghuram Rajan was one such ‘victim’.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


S.K.Gupta said…
Respected Sir,

Your views are well timed and well reasoned too. It speaks volumes about the worrisome state of affairs on our nation's political and economic horizons. Further, your exemplary comments about Dr Raghuram Rajan say everything about the mindless boggy of the so called "Right to Expression" which never talks about its onerous duties to the nation. What an irony?



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