Stop transferring bank employees

Stop transferring bank employees: The practice is an anachronism. It has no space in modern banking where customer relations hold the key to growth...

The Hindu Business Line, January12, 2017
"Be modern
Beginning in 2017, India’s banks must adopt two bold policies to improve customer service.
First, eliminate the employee transfer madness and offer to return employees working away from their home locations a chance to return home. The goodwill that this creates among bank employees can be a powerful motivator to help improve customer relations. Transfers must be limited to special cases, such as lending a particular employee’s expertise for a brief period to solve a distant branch’s problems. This would bring the concept of the “account manager” - long used in direct sales and the brokerage business - to everyday bank employees.
Second, banks should institutionalise a radically new performance management system in which customer service is rated higher than all other attributes. Have you ever received a call from a bank manager about how a particular employee solved a particularly difficult problem?"


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