Trump seeks 20% tax on Mexican imports to build border wall

Trump seeks 20% tax on Mexican imports to build border wall: President Donald Trump is seeking to impose a 20 per cent tax on imports from countries...
Building on ideas
This refers to the report that US President trump proposes to build a wall across US-Mexican border to prevent illegal migration of Mexicans to US. The first major decision coming from a President with rich building background will be welcomed by Trump’s supporters across the world. Especially so, because the project will be financed by Mexicans themselves by paying extra duties to US on their future exports.
But why a wall? Why not clusters of buildings across the border, factoring in the need for residences of security forces, jails to accommodate Mexicans or other immigrants who will still try to trespass(jails in US are also ‘catchment areas’ for cheap labor!), or still better industrial estates to produce Mexican products needed in US? Perhaps, a long term plan could make it feasible to shift all jails and barracks now occupying prime locations in various states to buildings across the US-Mexican border. At the risk of repetition, let me reiterate that if accepted, this idea will be cost-effective and make securing borders a self-financing proposition across geographies.

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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