World at crossroads: M K Narayanan


I find it interesting to read assessments by veterans about what is in store for the world in the years ahead. Though I would prefer to remain an optimist, the observations about 'preparations for war' and 'rise in terrorism' makes me observe that 'people's participation in governance' need to improve. While the rich and the powerful who 'own' governments world over have vested interests in making 'tension perennial', PEOPLE are interested in peace, distributive justice, equity and universal welfare. If PEOPLE continue to be pedestrians in the 'act of governance', the destruction of civilization could be much faster than we imagine.
M G Warrier

“India and the neighbourhood

The Asian region will see heightened tensions between China and India, China and Japan, and India and Pakistan in 2017. The overall military power balance is unlikely to shift decisively — Asia already has one of the largest concentrations of military capabilities (China, India and Pakistan) with substantial presence of the U.S. and Russian militaries. However, the accelerated pace of development of China’s military in 2017, including its acquisition of new weapon systems, will be of increasing concern to countries of East, Southeast and South Asia.
For India, a deepening of the China-Pakistan military entente in 2017 will add a further dimension to the overall threat from Pakistan. Relations with Islamabad remain embittered, but in addition India may have to contend with a more aggressive and determined Pakistan, feeling greatly buoyed by the progress achieved on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and the new outreach to, and growing ties, with Russia.
India’s position in Afghanistan in 2017 may well see a downturn, with new equations emerging in the region. With the U.S., China and Russia backing Pakistan’s moves for ‘flexible ties’ with Taliban — ignoring India’s objections — New Delhi’s interests are set to suffer.
Meanwhile, both Nepal and Sri Lanka could see a turbulent 2017. India’s ability to leverage matters in both countries, however, remains strictly limited.

In short, as 2017 dawns, the world and India are at the crossroads.”


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