Understanding Secularism, from the land of Buddha

Understanding Secularism
Come, let's go to Nepal
To understand secularism
from Buddha. Also copied below thoughtful comments received from Shri C V Subbaraman*:
M G Warrier

*Received via email

The "Connecting thread" is beautiful and makes a pleasant and satisfying reading. One would be more than tempted to go to Nepal and visit Lumbini after reading the article.  Even before reaching the enlightened and realized soul - the unique Buddha - who has always received, from my school days,  my greater  admiration than adoration for the faith built after Him by His followers ( notwithstanding the usual divisions as in all other religions too!), one seems to be attracted by he sacredness of the place where the connecting thread transcends all other things in life and living.   That is the greatness of Buddha. The present day bickering among those who claim to have formally embraced Buddhism and who still damn others should bring a tear or two from His eyes, wherever He is now.



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