Reaching out for the star: Poem by CV Subbaraman

A poem received today from CV Subbaraman, Mysuru:
Early in the morning after a session in yoga and praanaayaamam and vyaayaamam,
it just struck me to write a few lines through child's mind. Here it is:


Can I pluck the stars that shine far away
In the vast nocturnal sky all the way,
Mused the little child with her broadened eyes
Unmindful of the long distance that lies
Betwixt the attic window by her side
And the yonder dark sky where stars reside.
She looked at her soft little limbs and said
To herself: My legs are too small to tread
Across the long way to approach the stars
It will take years, even if I rode on horse!
And who knows by the time I would reach there
Day will have broken,  and stars gone somewhere,
Leaving me alone in the distant sky,
Losing my sleep and no bed there to lie.
So let me enjoy see’ng them shine above
From here and say to the Lord: “Thank You Jove!”
29 January, 2019

Greet the Rising Sun with
Jabaakusuma Sankaasham, Kaashyapeyam Mahaadyutim, Thamorim Sarva paapaghnam, Pranatosmi Divaakaram!
(from Navagraha Stotra by Vyaasa Rishi)

CV Subbaraman


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