Business Line @ 25 years

January 28, 2019

Today's edition of The Hindu Business Line is a Special commemorative issue. 

When I picked up a copy of the thin edition of the Business Line during the first year of the paper’s appearance in Mumbai news stands and suggested its inclusion among the newspapers then being subscribed by RBI, I never imagined that several years later I will be writing about an interview given by one of the illustrious governors to the paper.
The brief excerpts from the interview given by Raghuram Rajan cover a wide range of current issues engaging the attention of all stakeholders in the Indian economy now. The concerns expressed by Rajan about the deficiencies in governance, agricultural sector reforms, need to strengthen the public sector while enabling private sector to play a greater role and the urgency in removing the roadblocks in infrastructure development need to be taken seriously by policy makers. Let us hope, the Budget Speech will give some broad indications as to what the government proposes to do to address the immediate issues in the short-term.
M G Warrier, Mumbai  


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