Parking Mode: Vathsala Jayaraman

Parking mode*
Vathsala Jayaraman

The word ‘mode' may not have been used by many until we have started using cell phones and placing it in 'silent' mode.

Yesterday we had been to a mall for some purchases. To see the parking space for the cars itself was entertaining to my eyes. When the car entered ,people search for a proper place for parking.
As usual my thoughts wandered.

“Sir, I am doing very well. My health has been stable, and my wife had a successful surgery and is out of her pain now. My daughter is engaged with a very well qualified groom of her choice and my son is performing academically well. I have risen in my career from the ranks to this level. There is one thing that bothers me. Am I a few months away from a major disaster or crisis in my life? Do I deserve all this good news or is this calm before a major storm?”

“Sir, I have been on a ditch for a while and I am trying not to dig any further. My health has been on a downward spiral for a while. My wife is on medication for deep depression. My son joined Medical School but dropped off after a year and he is currently pursuing something I don’t understand. My daughter is in love with a guy that I am very nervous about. I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that would keep my hopes high. Will I ever see some bright spot in my life?”

Why is it so hard for these two to ameliorate their mindset? What is preventing them from enjoying the euphoria of joy which is the mission of every life? They both seem to be heavily guarded and appeared to be trapped in an orange jump suit forever.

 What is one thing that trapped them both in this quagmire? One appears to be leading a dream life yet trapped in anxiety of future forever while the other appears to be trapped into deep state conspiracy of the past thinking the life is going to be full of thorns killing any traces of hope.

This made me  think of '  the word-' mode '-parking mode.

  We need to be in parking gear and understand the surroundings before we decide whether to move it to “drive” or “reverse” mode. We may question that the “park” mode may not get us anywhere but most importantly, it gives us the ability to pause, observe the situations or circumstances outside of us and allow us to watch the indicators in the dash board as well without us committing to anything.

Half of our problems, factual or perceived will be solved if we stop worrying and pause for a while, take a deep breath, a glass of water and relax. Nothing is going to be solved by worrying. But then, it needs a lot of patience and understanding the true nature of problems and their solutions. Not all problems have solutions. Some have to be lived with.

A lot of what we face is out of our control and even if it is in our control, it requires clear mind to address them. 

 It is said hurry, worry and curry results in ulcer but it is also true that those would lead to catastrophic decision. A pause WITH LEVER BUTTON IN PARK and passage of time,  was found to cure things without much hassle.
A calmer mind gets to the solution quickly while agitated mind only spins out conspiracies and possible theories and send us on a wild goose chase. 

Let us keep our mind in 'park' mode then and there.

*Copied from a group email received from Vathsala Jayaraman


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