N N Pillai (1918-1995) Birth Centenary

This link gives a brief background of N N Pillai's life.
2018 is the centenary year of Malayalam playwright and actor N N Pillai (1918-1995) whose successful innings started with the conversion of his family comprising himself, his spouse, sister and daughter into a "Family Drama Troupe". A quote from an article published by Pillai in 1972:
"Finally, let me make a loud and clear announcement of one of my staunch beliefs: 'There's no one else luckier than me, surviving on planet earth. I could identify a life consistent with my aptitude. I could fully indulge in that life of my choice. I lived that life well, to my satisfaction... Today, I have everything in life, I aspired for. I'm proud. I'm, yes, arrogant... What more I need in this life?"

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