Soundarya lahari, Verse 27: Comments

Comments on Stanza 27 of Shankaracharya's Soundarya lahari:
Yes: It is beautiful beyond expression. This beauty of the words and its real import  can be only sensed in our limited brains/mind, it cannot be expressed or described in the core measure, in the same way the sweetness of sugar cannot be expressed in words, it can only be sensed oneself.
And complete samarpanam - total surrender - is described aptly in Gita: Sarva Dharmaan parityajya maam ekam sharanam vraja, Aham twaa sarva paapeybhyo mokshayishyaami maa shuchaha. Here, the Lord wants us to completely surrender ourselves, leaving all other "dharmaas" (however great these dharmaas be). The word "ekam" is significant. Why did not the Lord confine in this shloka to maam sharanam vraja, why did He add "Ekam"? He thereby denotes there is nothing else in this universe but "maam" The ONLY ONE. That is Ekam.
And as rightly implored in the shloka given by you, may every action of mine - from breathing to sleeping - be in your service. This will be possible ONLY if one identifies in every action and in every being in and around oneself divinity cf Yo Maam Pashyati sarvatra, sarvam cha mayi pashyati, Tashyaaham na pranashyaami........
The shlokas given by you are the prayers of the devotee, here in Gita, the Lord tells us what we should do!
Thanks for giving these shlokas.




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