Malabar Diary Part 1: Return of libraries

Did you notice the return of libraries? - Malabar Diary* Part 1

Media waste a lot of space for spreading negativism. In the rural areas, where India lives, many encouraging, positive developments are taking place. A report from Kannur in Kerala.

*Hope to cover heritages/happenings relating to Malabar area periodically. This is the first part.
 My response:

January 29, 2019
Return of libraries
This refers to the report “Did you notice the return of libraries?” (India File, January 29) by Jinoy Jose P. At a time when media houses are wasting rolls of newsprint and telecast time on sensationalizing non-issues, reports like this and conclaves like the recently concluded “The  Hindu Lit for Life” (Chennai) and “The Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters” (Thiruvananthapuram, January 31-February 3, 2019) stand out as sign boards to a cultural heritage our country is privy to.
As Janardhanan has rightly described many libraries in Kerala are a way of life doubling up as mini-universities for the villages acting as epicenter for literary, political and social/religious activities in the respective areas. If appropriately exploited, libraries have much more potential to act as catalysts in the economic and social development of the localities where they are situated.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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