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November 28, 2020 Saturday Along with Gods Good Morning 🙏 Please share the Amazon Author Page link at with your contacts outside India. Some of them will be able to access and read some of my books free. M G Warrier A Quote* for the day: "All the public systems – administration, justice, education and political are designed to keep people with knowledge out. Such a system promotes mediocrity.” -Rahul Gandhi A Satyajit Ray Movie Books by M G Warrier Now available at Books on display: 1 Restoring TRUST in Governance 2. India's Decade of Reforms 3 Assorted Letters of Dissent 4. Scrambled Monologues 5 Chasing Inclusive Growth (eBook) 6. Saving for Survival 7 Ants and Honey Bees M G Warrier: Incomplete Scribblings Riots... Journey begins Men... and women Running... howling Crying... shouting With bags... bundles of clothes With infants on shoulders Buildings in flames... I move on Travel in three sub-urban locals Before reaching Victoria Terminus Along the way Witnessed horrifying destruction Fire, blood, abandoned belongings All the way... VT railway platform Reminiscent of flight of populations From one geography to another During a famine or a pandemic A "surrendered" crowd... Old men and women sleeping on the floor, Some of them eyes wide open Youth arguing loudly Children crying Mothers looking on helplessly Staring at the next uncertain moment I locate my reserved sleeper class compartment In Jayanti Janata Which will take me to Kerala In two days... space to move and search numbers... My seat is already occupied... I'm allowed to sit somewhere... People are leaving Mumbai... The young man opposite me Abruptly Started a conversation He was talking my language "Look...look..." said he Pointing to a boy of 6 or 7 And his young mother Quickly, I could stop his further comments! Lest the jhagada escalates.. Fear... Attention focused on the 7 year old Cute...In new dress... But, a scared look... After feeding the boy Some bread and biscuits Mother settled down... She had bright new dress Matching imitation jewellery Currency carelessly stashed Among other things In a carry bag... She asked me in Malayalam, Whether I was a Malayalee! Enquired my destination Mentioned hers, Three stations before mine. She was traveling to Kerala To leave her only son With her in-laws. Has to come back, And locate her husband Missing since the riots started. Why taking Abu to Kerala? The previous night He saw someone dying. He asked his Mom: "Do we kill humans... The same way we kill, A goat? Mom had no ready answer. She said: "Tomorrow, we'll go to Kerala" Batchmates* One day a Colonel Saab from the Army, fell into a well. The soldiers would throw a rope into the well and pull the Colonel Saab out. The moment the Colonel would come up, the soldiers would leave the rope snap to attention and salute. The Colonel Saab would fall back into the well. This happened many times. Someone suggested that a Brigadier be requested for help-because HE wouldn't have to salute the Colonel. So one Brigadier Saab arrived. He threw the rope into the well and the Colonel Saab gabbed it. The Brigadier Saab began pulling the rope. As soon as the Colonel Saab reached the top of the well, he spotted the Brigadier Saab. He immediately left the rope and saluted. And he fell back once more, into the well. There was total silence. Then everyone heard the desperate Colonel Saab's voice from down below *"You idiots - get hold of a batch mate !!"* MORAL OF THE STORY: Batchmates ARE important ! They can save your life! (Dedicated to all batchmates) *Forward received from Dr T V Surendran, Mananthavady


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