Warrier's Collage 02112020: Excerpts

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE November 2, 2020 Monday Your daily share of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Prayer (Adityahrudayam) https://youtu.be/KZ85cYcjkXI (Recited by : M S Subbulakshmi) Music https://youtu.be/T9ySCQve67Q Chookar Mere Man Ko... (Kishore Kumar) (Link courtesy: Ramesh Warrier) Quote for the day: "He who speaks wisely, moderately and compassionately proceeds to the regions which are perpetual sources of bliss." (Vishnupuranam) At H, I have copied June 2012 edition of "My Page", an earlier "Avatar" of Warrier's Collage. If you find any email address or phone number as part of the content, they are not in use now. Apologies for not sharing several valuable responses. Posted By: M G Warrier A Interaction 1) C V Subbaraman, Mysuru "I was pleasantly surprised at the adapted version of my mail on response and reactions to response to our various mails. Collage has done well in doing this as I hope this will minimise if not eliminate any disappointment felt in any quarter arising from lack of response to any one's postings. Subbaraman" 2) Sitendra Kumar "A lot of good, refreshing articles. The song from Sasural takes us back to our school days. Garg's reasons for VRS , his unworkable relationship with FM may also be due to some personality flaws in him. FM's views on economy gives an impression she has good good understanding of our economic woes and she is working to improve the situation. The good work done by SBI Manager as mentioned in the article 'Walk-in Deposits' ought to be highly appreciated and the concerned Manager deserves to be richly rewarded for setting an example to others. A knowledge enrichment blog by you. Sitendra Kumar" B Recycling of books https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/make-mottainai-our-mantra/article32990013.ece Posted online comments C Learning from experience* A famous Yoga Guru once told that human being is one creature in this world who has to be "taught" in most of the activities. Normally other animal kids learn many things without having to be taught: a calf stands up within minutes of its birth, put it in a river, it swims without undergoing a lesson from any teacher. But human being has to be taught to sit, to stand, to walk, to run, to eat, to swim...... But one thing which can be noticed is that Human Being learns from one's own experience or the experiences of others or previous experiences of oneself in dealing with others. There was a boy of 18 years who one day suddenly lost his father. The boy had to manage the household, comprising his mother and three sisters. His father had left one ancestral house but his father had borrowed some money from a BR in the village by mortgaging the house. BR had an eye on this house as it was a sturdy construction with a lot of teak wood works. After the mourning period was over, the boy met BR and discussed the modalities of repaying the loan and redeeming the mortgage. The boy felt that selling the house was the only practical solution. BR was expecting this situation and offered to buy the house for a sum which would not only take care of the loan amount but also leave a decent amount in the hands of the boy, so that the boy and other members of the family could live in some comfort for some time till the boy would get an employment. The boy said that he would consider the offer and came back. He discussed this with his mother and sisters and also with some wellwishers in the village. In this process two weeks passed. BR became restive and apprehended that the house would slip out of his hands......After two weeks, the boy met BR again and said that his offer was acceptable and he could go ahead with the formalities of registering the sale. BR was relieved but his greed took over him. He told the boy "I was thinking over waiving the entire interest on the loan if you had readily accepted the offer when first made by me, but you did not do so and I have now to reconsider the waiver proposal. But I shall still do something......" The boy was frustrated. He had to complete the transaction. He could not remain idle in the village, he had to go in search of employment to take care of the family. So he told BR, "you can do whatever you want. I am interested in completing the formalities quickly." On the day of registration of the sale, only at the time of registration of the document before the Sub Registrar, BR mentioned in the document that he was foregoing a sum of Rs.150 (out of about 600) towards accrued interest on the loan. The boy was disappointed. On the following day, BR called the boy and said that he (BR) would be prepared to help the boy by arranging investing the net amount of the sale proceeds of the house so that the boy and his family could earn some interest higher than what Post Office Savings Bank or any other Bank might give. The boy felt happy at the first sight. But something flashed in his mind. He quietly asked BR, "It is a good proposition. But what security can you give for the amount?" BR did not expect this from the boy. "What security do you need? I have a standing in the town, village. Several others have trusted and given me their amounts for such deployment....." The boy replied, "I am not concerned about the trust others have in you. I do not have that trust. Because you initially thought that you would forego the entire interest on the loan father had taken from you, if I accepted your offer to buy the house. Later on you went back on this your own proposal. ......" BR tried to cut the boy short. "Alright, what security you need for the amount you want to deposit with me"? The boy coolly said, "You have a house now. I would like that you mortgage it as security." BR was indeed shocked. "You are clever" he told the boy. The boy said, " Sir, I have learned this from you!". *Contributed by C V Subbaraman


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