Restoring Trust in Governance

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE November 7, 2020 Saturday Your daily share of inspiration, writings - by you, for you : Curated by MG Warrier Motivational Poetry (The Road Less Travelled...) (Poem by Robert Frost) Quote for the day: " Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." —Robert Frost There's no regular issue of "Collage" today. Notion Press Chennai has published my book "Restoring Trust in Governance" on November 6, 2020. Some related links/information are included in Collage today: Online marketing outlets: a) Notion Press b) More information about the book and it's availability at other online outlets like, Flipkart, Kobo etc and publication of the book as eBook will be included in Collage as and when information comes in. This Diwali, please consider gifting this book to someone born between 1975 and 2005. Or, at least share the above links with some, dear and near to you, in the age-group 15 to 45. Collage has about 100 recipients in that age-group. I'm confident that they will take forward the agenda for restoring Trust, in coming years. See also B below. Posted by: M G Warrier A Interaction 1) Atma a) J S Sarpal "It is my firm belief that our rebirth is certain and all our deeds/ misdeeds since our birth are being properly recorded by the Almighty’s super computers’ ever watching eyes which is probably like a metal detector. All these will be properly accounted for when the soul on leaving the dead body will be presented before the DHARAMRAJ. No one in this universe can leave early or delay ones departure come what may, The date, time and place of our departure has already been predetermined even before our birth. Certainly our deeds/ misdeeds in this life are the determinants of the rebirth/ moksha. If we commit blunders and give charity/ or pray the Almighty, the charity or prayer cannot undo the misdeeds and will be properly accounted for at rebirth and its form J. S. Sarpal" b) S R Badrinarayanan Independent of one's belief in these theories, fact remains that the thought 'fruit of action is certain' serves as a check and balance for many. Proof of the pudding is in the eating; for some it seem to get digested, and for some, the indigestion is unhidden. 2) Online comments on MPC Ref: B Reserve Bank of India (November 6) Online comments published: M G Warrier "The article has gone by facts and figures available in the public domain. The apparently liberal and flexible Inflation target for a few years fixed in 2016 was based on the situation prevailing then. 4 (+) or (_) 2 percent at that time seemed indicative of the trust GOI had in RBI. RBI has been, in every bimonthly Monetary Policy Statements articulating the central bank's expectations by way of fiscal policy support, of course without making a loud announcement. The interaction between RBI and GOI is an ongoing process. The requirement to explain the reasons for not being able to achieve Inflation target continuously was part of the MPC arrangement. RBI must be complying with the requirements to the satisfaction of GOI. Expecting such interactions in public domain may not be in the interest of smooth conduct of Monetary Policy. This is my personal perception" B Glimpses from "Restoring TRUST in Governance" by M G Warrier Excerpts from Preface: " This is my third book with focus on banking and finance. As economic reforms in India are moving fast especially with emphasis on cleansing and consolidating financial sector, I felt some urgency in publishing this book as a companion volume to my 2018 book “India’s Decade of Reforms.” This book was scheduled to be published during the first half of 2020. The situation that emerged with the COVID19 Pandemic delayed the publication by almost four months. The impact of the recent developments on Indian Economy, to the extent perceivable now, has been covered at the appropriate places in this book. Needless to say, as of now, it is the fire-fighting stage and it will take longer to quantify losses and put in place what one may call a comprehensive “Post-Pandemic Rehabilitation Plan.” Present debates are all speculative in nature..." (To be continued...) M G Warrier


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