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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Tuesday March 2, 2021 ( Manthra for Ultimate Bliss: Sarvapriyanananda) https://youtu.be/jGG_90xXyA8 (Link Selection: M G Warrier) Good Morning Some readers wanted Collage to be trimmed. Despite best efforts compliance is getting delayed. Gradually, we will do something. Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 A Interaction V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram In our college days, the most popular weeklies were K Balakrishnan's 'Kaumudi' in Malayalam and R.K.Karanjia's 'Blitz' in English.The first thing one looked into in both weeklies was the Question-Answer page. I still remember in the Blitz the first question once was : "Which is the noblest profession in the world?" The answer was : "Why doubt? The doctor's." How true ! Dr.Premachandran's write-up is excellent. One cannot disagree with him" 2) Restoring TRUST in Governance RBI Library, Thiruvanantapuram has informed me that: "With the approval of Regional Director, we have purchased one copy of the book “Restoring Trust in Governänce” for our library. As RBItes we are proud of you and sincerely appreciate your efforts taken in publishing books relevant to the present scenario. We hope to gain from many more publications from your authorship." (Many Thanks for the encouragement. To some libraries, I have gifted copies. e g. PMO's Library- M G Warrier Mumbai) B Controversies 1) E Sreedharan Introduction: T P Sreenivasan https://openthemagazine.com/feature/can-metro-man-be-miracle-man/ 2) All Services due for "Servicing" https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/The-underage-optimist/why-ias-needs-to-change-to-ies-in-name-and-spirit-to-propel-india-forward/?comments=show (Link information received from Sitendra Kumar New Delhi) Posted online comments: M G Warrier A comprehensive reform in prices, wages and income policy is overdue. The present erruptions from protests against farm sector reforms to the agitation by unemployed youth in Kerala are only symptoms of a deep-rooted malignancy in the whole structure of the country\'s Economy and management of all resources including human resources. Perhaps a Reforms Commission of experts at national level should quickly study several basic issues including: 1) Mapping of all resources including privately owned real estate and gold 2) Need to make political work a paid job 3) Review Service Conditions of all services 4) Look at farm gate and production related costs and prices 5) Insurance cover for major income losses 6) Integrated Civil Services at Central and State level for public and private sectors (Banking, IT, Teaching etc) The list is illustrative Until we accept a holistic approach, the position will continue to be that of the 5 blind men and an elephant' (A more detailed coverage is available in my 2020 book Restoring TRUST in Governance-Chapter on "Agenda for Modi 2.0🙏-Warrier) C Faith/Spirituality Most of us hopefully chant daily Gayathri Japam thrice.... The repetition of Japa brings the Darshan of Gayathri and Eventually leads to Realization of the Advaitic Brahman or Unity of Consciuosness or Oneness.. Tanmayata, Tadleenata, Tadrupata....Tadakaara......and the Aspirant who asked for light from Gayathri in the beginning , Sings now in exuberant joy, “I am that Light of lights that gives Light to Buddhi”... May Gayathri, the Blessed Mother of the Vedas, bestow on us Right understanding and right thinking.! May She guide us in all our actions! May She deliver us from the Samsaric wheel of birth and death! Glory! Glory unto Gayathri, the Creatress, the Generatrix of this Universe! Kirtanam, Sravanam and Smaranam are three methods invoking Rama. Valmiki, Hanuman and Sita are symbolic to Eyes see The World, Mind sees the Eyes, Inner Soul perceives The working of The Mind...through Rama 🙏🙏🙏 V. T. Panchapagesan D Readers Contribution National Science Day.... R Jayakumar Dr T V Surendran's forwarded article on the above subject raises a basic question of human mentality, whether we should thank the doctor or the Almighty when a near and dear one is healed of a serious illness and discharged from the hospital. In my opinion the two things are two different issues. Whenever a patient gets discharged from a hospital the relatives never fail to express their gratitude to the doctor and his support staff who did their duty well to treat and nurse the patient. There are also cases where a patient is wrongly diagnosed and badly treated or the hospitals charging exorbitant bills, in which case the medical profession becomes a subject of burden rather than a succour. Success of the science apart, treatments given by any doctor come with an element of risk. No doctor can give 100% guaranteed success for his work. It is this risk factor that places God above the doctor. I had a friend in RBI. His son became an engineer and the daughter was studying for medicine. If any one asked him about his daughter's career he would say, 'She is preparing to get a Licence to Kill'. If someone asked what was that licence he would say to obtain MBBS degree. Though he said jovially, he believed doctors in a way have a licence to kill. Coming to the pandemic days, it is true that the front line warriors worked selflessly, to protect Life during the days of surge in the number of cases. On our part we acknowledged their services by lighting candles and diyas outside our windows and clapping for their work. Even today in the minds of people the belief is that if one is affected by the virus there is a greater chance of loosing life. Where else one will go but to the feet of the Almighty to pray that the calamity does not strike his/her home. Most of us have fully observed the lockdown protocol and yet many are infected and getting hospitalised. As per statistics two out of hundred who go to hospital must die and hospital can not stop that. It is this fear that makes one put more faith in God than the doctor. It is also reported that double the number of actual cases detected were those who were Covid positive but never got checked or hospitalised but recovered under home care. My sister who retired from a PSB last February had booked for a trip to Australia in April but had to cancel it. In May her husband got severe cough and chest congestion and her family doctor when consulted hinted at Covid infection but prescribed medicines rather than advising to get admitted. The medicine worked. Her pregnant daughter delivered a normal baby in October. In December my sister went for a CT scan for chest pain and investigation suggested Covid had come and gone for her.. She thinks that her prayer and God saved the family from disaster and is also grateful to her family doctor. My grandchildren had on two different occasions severe cough cold and fever. The medicine prescribed by the child specialist worked. And when my wife also got infected from the kids my family doctor prescribed some medicine and told her that if no improvement was noticed within two days she should do Covid test. But she became well in two days and did not pass on the infection to me, a high risk person. She still believes that Covid had visited our house and gone. There were several days of severe anxiety and depression both at my house and my sister's house. Science and doctor are there for us to make our life good but the best comes from the invisible divine power. R Jayakumar (Remain blessed 🙏-Collage) E From the Reader's Digest* POINTS TO PONDER Today is a reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile. To preserve it requires people of good will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to pursuit of power and personal interest at any cost, but to the common good. -Joe Biden, 46th US President, on the attacks on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C In my grandparents’ time, it was believed that spirits existed everywhere ... in trees, rivers, insects, wells, anything ... I like the idea that we should all treasure everything because spirits might exist there, and we should treasure everything because there is a kind of life to everything. -Hayao Miyazaki, film director and manga artist I think the traditional ‘feminine’ arts of homemaking or dressmaking or whatever are shamefully undervalued. They’re doing what I’m doing: Making a space for another person to be in. Creating an architecture for life. There’s no greater task but also no more mundane one. -Zadie Smith, Writer *Received from Kiran Warrier Mumbai F Leisure Bureaucracy: Link selected by M G Warrier https://upjoke.com/bureaucrat-jokes G Quotes from E Sreedharan https://quotestats.com/topic/e-sreedharan-quotes/


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