Warrier's Collage March 20, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE Saturday March 20, 2021 1) Devdutt Pattnaik: About Hanuman https://youtu.be/Gqme7-lokmI 2) Understanding Air https://youtu.be/I3JtnoCnQ7w 3) Akasha: Sadhguru explains https://youtu.be/247cJLcQjG4 (Link Selection: M G Warrier) Good Morning The Panchabhutas: This week Collage covered Panchabhutas, Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Ether (Akasha). From Monday, we will move on to some other subjects youngsters are more interested. Those who have been skipping Collage, can start revisiting any time, no attendance restrictions.๐Ÿ™ A Interaction 1) K Ramasubramanian Mumbai Living Together* Nallasivan is perfectly all right. Let's forget about memory, it’s use etc . So long as we are normal, we are normal. Our system takes care automatically. As for wives, I am yet to come across a wife who appreciates her husband’s actions or thoughts and values them at 100 %. One who has already accepted the spouse for long and has understood, need not change mind at old age. Just continue accepting reality without any guilt . In Nature, coconut trees are common in giving coconuts, but are never uniform in height gridth taste of the tender coconut water nor the kernel. We never complain why the tree is facing more to East or West or any direction so long as it gives coconuts. If Nature behaves like that we brand them Natural and no quarrel about that . I also have not come across any husband eulogising wife howsoever she is good. Remember, husband and wife are two sides of the same coin which never sees each other but lasts forever. RAMASUBRMANIAN (*Content edited with permission by Collage. Hope, okay. Now read Dr Shekhar's prescription obtained by Babusenan, as requested-Warrier ๐Ÿ™) 2) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram In the 5th Century BCE, the Persian King Xerxes proceeded to attack Greece with a very big army. He had beforehand arranged with his PWD engineers to have a bridge constructed across the Hellespont (the present Dardanelles). Corruption in building bridges is not a modern phenomenon. It was prevalent during those days too. Mainly as a result of that, when the king reached the spot, there was no bridge at all there and the sea was in a fury. Xerxes got more furious than the sea and he whipped the sea with an iron chain 300 times, besides hurling abuses at it, generously using all filthy Persian words at the royal command. Then he got all the engineers involved in the construction of the bridge beheaded and had a new bridge constructed there. Much later, in the11th century CE, King Canute, who ruled England and the present Scandinavian countries, had his throne placed very close to the edge of the sea and ordered the waves not to wet his feet. There are two versons of this episode. One says that his head was so much inflated by the flattery of his courtiers that he was annoyed with the sea when the waves refused to obey his command. Another says that the wise king wanted to teach his courtiers a lesson in behaviour. According to my friend Dr Sekhar Prasad, psychologists are inclined to prefer the first version and they call it Canute Complex. "How does Dr Sekhar, who tackles brain related issues, come in the picture?" One may ask. This is my answer: The problem raised by Shri.Nallasivan in today's Collage I brought to the notice of Dr Sekhar, as desired, and he promptly replied from Chicago. The stories of Xerxes and Canute were his. He clarified that, though both of them belonged to the category of megalomaniacs (those who wrongly believe that they are very powerful) Shri Nallasivan's case is a very mild one common to elderly people of 70 and upwards who are indeed lucky that their faculties are, by and large, intact. Such persons harbour the belief that they possess a very high degree of prowess in memory, wisdom, etc. Unfortunately for them, in most cases, their spouses rightly hold more or less the same view as that of Mrs Nallasivan. Clashes are natural and many couples resort to psychological consultation. Those doctors too generally agree with the spouses and prescribe some harmless medicines, sometimes, for the wives also. My friend has opined that Shri Nallasivan should consider himself a lucky septuagenerian and continue the present good work he is doing for others through 'Collage.' 3) S K Gupta Panchkula Ref: Leisure 'Lost and Found' This story finds a truly worthy teacher in the old Professor. It also exhibits the nobility of his pious profession. Well done both of them for their appreciable roles in real life. S.K.Gupta B Current Affairs Bangladesh and India https://openthemagazine.com/special/a-citizen-of-the-subcontinent/ Excerpts: 'Bangabandhu’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary celebrations are going on in Bangladesh. Mujib was born on March 17th, 1920, in the Bengal province of undivided India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit Bangladesh towards the end of this month to participate in various programmes associated with the Bangabandhu’s birth centenary. Mujib’s life and struggle is incomplete without talking about the role India and Pakistan played in his life as he was a citizen of all the three countries during his lifetime of 55 years. C Air & Ether 1) Ether https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/the-ether-element-divine-silence/the-ether-element-divine-silence-427186 2) Air Pollution https://www.who.int/health-topics/air-pollution#tab=tab_1 D Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman Mahabharata in the Project World Dronacharya: The Mentor. The best instructor in the Training School.He doesn't like working himself but is always ready to guide and train new comers. Bhishma: The Loyal. The executive in a relatively senior position who happily assists the boss in spite of knowing his incompetence (because of some strange undertakings and commitments undertaken while joining service) Dhritarashtra: The blind boss. He knows that everything is wrong with his project but will still let it function, without making any changes to the current processes. A repenting supremo. Gandhari: The Yesmen/Women. Boss's immediate juniors who know that they are a part of an evil plan but will stay blindfolded and pretend as if nothing is happening. Keeps blind to every situation. Yudhisthira: The ethical guy. Poor chap would never fudge timesheets and call in sick only when he is dying.An idiot , following his ethics. . Bheema: The angry resource. Always ready to pick up a fight with his peers, subordinates or even the bosses. Arjuna: The cool guy.. The star performer who also knows how to sell his skills. A natural charmer, very famous among the ladies. Nakul & Sahdev: The good average resource. No one notices them. They keep doing their work and get average appraisals. Duryodhana: The Bully. Knows how to get work done, by hook or by crook. Doesn't mind threatening the likes of Nakul and Sahdev to get his work done. Karna: The unsung hero. The best performer in the office but never claims credit for his work. Stays an unsung hero for all his life. Shakuni: The evil plotter. Copies management in every mail. Escalates every trivial issue, sometimes to take credits and sometimes purely for fun. Dhristadyumna: The One inning wonder. The one who performs an extraordinary feat, and then basks in the glory of it for the rest of his life. Draupadi: The shared resource. Keeps hopping projects on boss's advice.Has laws of her own,unsuited to all others.Unpredictable employee. Krishna: The Ultimate Boss (MD/CEO) who knows that it is his game while he makes everyone believe that they are playing important roles too. He does not sign a single document.But dictates oral instruction for everybody to follow.Renders great service without revealing his name.Makes sudden visits surprises everyone. Very much unpredictable boss. Sometimes gives very long intimate lectures only to his pet employee. He sees his will comes true.Does not mind giving a pink slip , memo, charge sheet, suspension or even dismissal even to a deserving candidate.He acts like unquestionable monarch.He has his own justifications for every act of his. Does not bother whether it sounds reasonable to one and all. After all it is his company, his will is supreme. Who says Mahabharata is only a big sheet of fantasy? 'History never gets repeated' is an oft repeated saying. .But it does everyday, in the office. Vathsala Jayaraman V T Panchapagesan's response: "My wild Imagination is, it is a very big project participated by people who are all involved in it, without success. Five elements are Pandavas. Out of five, three Gunas are Bhima, Arjun, Nakul. Four Varnas are Dronar, Bhismar, Krishnar, Vyasa who is a Sudra, Chiranjeevi.. Duryodhan, brothers are all evil forces ..Within us. Karnan is positive in outlook but sidelined due to attachment. Draupathi energy manifested in the above project. Dhritarashtra, King, project head, with blind approach. Kripar Silent advisor without importance. Aswathaman spoiled, then rejuvenated by his approach. Vidhurar detachment all through as a wise advisor. Kunti and Gandhari.. follower, going with the events.. Final Result... Project is a big failure regaining to start again with FIVE ELEMENTS AND WITH THREE GUNAS.... Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan E Mythology Shiva in his element https://www.speakingtree.in/article/shiva-in-his-element F Leisure* 1) Painting the walls Four young artists give colourful facelift to several walls in Hyderabad: https://thg.page.link/qEzUip91H4k97sdA8 2) Serious Jokes about WARRIORS https://upjoke.com/warriors-jokes Like: "How many social justice warriors does it take to change a light bulb? Just kidding, social justice warriors can't change anything." Spell-Warriors excuse please ๐Ÿ™ *Link Courtesy: Google Search G Hanuman Chalisa https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/hanuman-chalisa-inenglish-with-meaning


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