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Welcome to Warrier's Daily COLLAGE On Monday March 29, 2021 HAPPY HOLI to All Readers From COLLAGE 🙏 https://youtu.be/rJLMgpVMPH4 2) Safe Holi* https://www.readersdigest.in/better-living/story-this-holi-play-it-natural-125302 *Reader's Digest said last year. Equally valid today. (Link Selection: M G Warrier) Shared By: M G Warrier A 1) A P Ramadurai Cheñnai Then one day the newspaper carried an ‘ editorial’ using the word tantamount as a verb instead of an adjective. May I confess here that I stopped subscribing to the paper from the following day? I was more in agony than in anger !! PKK Nair Bengaluru "I am wondering what Sri Nair would have done on seeing the following news clip in the Hindu, when diesel train was introduced. “” The first diesel train steamed out of Egmore station today “ (from the Readers’ Digest)" Ramadurai 2) PKK Nair Bengaluru My action to stop The Hindu was tantamount to not necessarily setting fire to my illam fearing rats; but to change to The Times of India and the Deccan Chronicle! PKKNair 3) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram I am indeed indebted to Shri Subbaraman for the kind words he spoke about me and for indicating the source of the saying that women and books lent to somebody will never return. The truth seems to prevail equally over the East and the West. A good part of my official life was spent in a department of RBI that dealt with periodical inspection of commercial banks and I had the luck of having been in groups led by very brilliant inspecting officers. You cannot expect a person to be perfect in every respect. The person I referred to was a 'randhraanweshanadaksha' (expert in fault-finding) non-pareil, but his supreme self-confidence occasionally bordered on boastfulness. Perhaps, in that mood, he said to his team of inspecting officials, while getting down from the car at the portals of a major public sector bank: "Gentlemen, you may not believe me. I smell the percentage of bad loans of this bank. It is..."Might be, an instance of 'kaakathaleeya nyaya' (The crow came and the ripe fruit of the palm tree fell at that instance-a case of rare coincidence). When the report was finalised, the percentage was around what he predicted! This brilliant man, ended his career as the Chairman of the oldest private-sector bank in Kerala. His noble soul is resting in peace. Who has not heard the name William Somerset Maugham? After completing his first novel, presumably' Liza of Lambeth' he gave the draft to his friend, a literary purist, for correction. Most likely, the latter would have come across a wrong use of the word 'tantamount'. He got angry and mercilessly corrected the entire stuff with the result that it turned out to be a novel written by him and not by Maugham! There was a judicial magistrate in the princely state of Travancore who would not entertain any criminal complaint if the complainant's name did not occur in Amarakosa. Once it so happened that a stormy petrel among Namboodiries saw a weeping poor man at the gate of the Magistrate Court. On enquiry he found that the poor fellow's complaint of personal assault was rejected as his name Komu did not find a place in the Amarakosa. Asking the man to accompany him, the Namboodiri entered the Magistrate's room and ascertained the fact. Then he quoted from memory the synonyms of Balabhadra, the elder brother of Krishna thus: "Stalaam komu salee halee" without batting an eyelid. Then he said: "Now, are you satisfied, magistrate? Accept this poor fellow's complaint." B Books by M G Warrier: Notion Press Chennai https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier Excerpts: "Restoring TRUST in Governance M.G.Warrier Restoring Trust in Governance : India’s 2020’s Challenge is a companion volume to M G Warrier’s 2018 book “India’s Decade of Reforms” which looked at the initiatives taken by Government of India and RBI to restore the country’s economic health by an appropriate diagnosis of factors that stalled the 1990’s initiatives to introduce economic and financial sector reforms. GOI and RBI are taking forward reform initiatives to revamp the institution" C Spirituality/Philosophy 1) Kabir Das https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/the-life-story-of-saint-kabir-das-will-steer-your-mind-towards-positivity Excerpts: “All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop”- Saint Kabir Das This heartfelt line was written by Saint Kabir Das, which gave us a two main ingredient lesson for living a happy life. This one line has two beautiful different means, first is that hard work, determination and patience are the major keys to success. Second is, we can conquer the world like a never ending ocean if we have unity and strength." 2) Rituals/Mythology Time with Vathsala Jayaraman During the masi-panguni meet we celebrate the auspicious KAARADAI NONBU -wives praying for good health & long life of their husbands. Panguni is called Palguna in Sanskrit. The great hero Arjuna was born in Panguni & hence named as Palgun. 'YUGADI' ,the Telugu New Year falls on the Shukla Prathamai of Panguni. Panguni Uttaram coinciding with Full moon day is a great festival of Hindus in almost all the Saivite,vaishnavite and Murugan temples. Not only India but in many other south Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand celebrate Panguni Uththaram in Murugan temples with Kaavadis taken by Tamils & Chinese also. It is the only day in a year on which we can have darshan of Shri Ranganatha and ShriRanganayaki in Srirangam on the same stage(mandapam) popularly called 'SERTHI'. Newly married couple and those separated due to some problems throng the temple praying for harmony. Famous Holi also is celebrated on the same day. Panguni is the birth month of shri Rama. Shri Rama Navami Utsavam is celebrated nearly for 10 days not only in temples but also in various samajams and institutions & there will be free musical concerts by eminent musicians,Ramayana Sloka Paaraayanam in mornings, discourses on varied subjects in the evenings & concerts after 7P. M.( corona has marred so many things) Nandhikeswara the prime devotee of Shiva is stated to have been born in Panguni. Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar, one of the musical trinity, and the Pujya Sree Shantananda were born in Panguni. Revathi and Uttaram in Panguni are hailed as periya Perumal Revathi and periya piraattiyar panguni Uttaram in Srirangam. The thirunakshatram of the vaishnavita seers Namjeeyar and thiruvarangathu amudanar, and the birth stars of some of the great acharyas of Madhwa cult, namely Sathya Santhushta, Satya Pragna, Sathya vritta, Vaagisar, Sathya Vijaya and Sathya Priya and the jeevan muktha days of the great nayanmars Karaikkal Ammaiyar, Dandiadigal, Sivaneasar, Gananathar and Munaiyaduvaar fall in Panguni. Panguni is famous for Matsya Jayanthi and Varaha Jayanthi also. Anchaneya, in one of the kalpas, is stated to have been born in Panguni & hence some of the north Indians celebrate Hanumat Jayanthi in Panguni. Panguni contains in itself astronomically and astrologically important days of "yuga history',unintelligible to us. Almost all the temples have their Vaarshikotsavam and Brahmotsavam only in Panguni. The processions with the auspicious Nadaswram in the front, beautifully decorated deities in various vahanams & pushpa pallakku, magnificent chariots followed by veda chanting by pundits etc etc render a feast to the eyes. The festivities include Melakkottai Thirunarayanapuram VAIRAMUDI Seva Vaanaamaamalai gold Ratham, Ther utsavam in Naamakkal, Garuda seva in many vaishnavite temples such as Ahobilam, Mannargudi Tiruvallur, and Tiruvaheendrapuram The gala Arubathu moovar utsavam in Mylapore, Chennai is remarkable. Panguni is known as "deiva thirumana madham" Not only panguni Uttaram, panguni celebrates the thirumana utsavam of many deities in most of the temples in Tamil nadu. Mannargudi Rajagopala swami,Shri Ranganatha,Mayilai Kapaaleeswara, marriage of of Subramanya in Mayilam & Tiruchendur, Shri Chakrapani, Thirumazhapadi Nandhikeswara, to mention a few. Nandhikeswara's thirumanam in Tirumazhapadi is of great significance. The marriage of Nandhikeswara with Suyahambika Devi is conducted by Shiva himself, (Aiyaarappar) Representing Saptapadi, Shiva takes the couple to seven Shiva kshetras Thirupazhanam, Tiruchchotrukkudi, Tiruvedikkudi, Tirukkandiyur, Tiruppunduruthi, Tirineydaanam and Thrivaiyaru The grand procession passing thro 7 places, the gorgeous festoons throughout the seven villages, special aradhana to deities in specific places, anna danam, thanneer pandal, the strret vendors busy with trade of bangles, ribbons and artificial jewellery, children crowding around the panju mittai and Kuchchi ice with a few coins (currency in these days) in their pockets presented to them by the guests-all these sights lend a special flavour. There are other astrological informations which are not widely known. Vathsala Jayaraman (Madam VJ’s elaborate detailed explanation of Panguni Month.... Was read with great inspiration.....🙏 We give Importance only to Austerities.....A Study.. The Puranas and many Hindu myths glorify austerities and people Who undergo austerities to achieve Supreme God and to break The cycle of life and birth... Most of the conflicts between the Devas & Asuras arise after an Asura Practices austerities and manages to win over one of the three gods in the trinity— Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.. Misusing the boons gathered after performing it, Asuras used to start troubling Devas and ultimately this used to lead to terrible wars between the two sides That used to be resolved by almost total annihilation of the Asura forces... The Mahabharata mentions a curious example of Yavakrida, son of Rishi Bharadwaja, Who was lazy and did not want to master VEDAS BY HARD WORK... He started praying to Indra to be blessed with a boon of ultimate knowledge. When Indra not moved by his prayers, Yavakrida started practicing austerities , Each more terrible than the other and when Indra relented he asked for a boon To acquire the knowledge of Vedas directly without learning from a teacher . Indra refused to grant his wish to go and study the normal way . However, stubborn Yavakrida tried very hard and practiced austerities and Indra appeared thrice before him to grant any boon... But each time he asked for Vedic knowledge and thrice Indra rejected him.. After facing rejection so many times, Yuvakrida finally decided to study with a teacher.... WORK IN ANY FORM IS WORSHIP WITHOUT GETTING FREEBIES, HELPING OTHERS TOWARDS BLISSFUL STATE OF LIVING.🙏 Be Well, V. T. Panchapagesan) D HOLI 2021 Happy Holi to All Readers From COLLAGE 🙏 https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/events/happy-choti-holi-2021-images-quotes-wishes-messages-facebook-whatsapp-status/amp_articleshow/81710966.cms E Blogs & Links Life's Twists & Turns: M G Warrier https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/lifes-twists-and-turns-25187/ Excerpts: "For some reasons, 1977-79 was a tough time in my life and by mid-1979, I decided to take an unusual break. A break from the routine. As running away from the situation leaving the job was not an available option for financial reasons, I decided to first acquire a professional qualification. That’s how I landed in the Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram attending evening classes, pursuing a three year LL B Degree Course. I attended classes regularly during the three years 1979-82. My cousin’s books on Family Law in the Law College Library gave me some deep insights into the disintegration of my joint family and destruction of our ancestral heritage. As most of the students were young and took interest in studies, there really existed a college environment which all of us enjoyed. John Mathai, IPS was my class-mate in the Evening Law College. He was a studious, intelligent person who took studies seriously. Occasionally he used to come with me on my scooter and sometimes we used to walk down from college up to Muzeum Junction. This relationship allowed us to know each other more and interact on subjects of common interest. A person with a positive outlook and pleasing manners, John Mathai left happy memories among his friends and colleagues." F Leisure Pakkanar: Mythology http://keralamythology.blogspot.com/2014/01/pakkanar-and-legend-behind-ivy-gourd.html?m=1 G Quotes from Sant Kabir Das https://quotes.thefamouspeople.com/kabir-6814.php Like: " All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop. -Kabir


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